Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

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This is my Samsung Galaxy Camera Review.

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Jack Gerald says:

Çok güzel bir video olmuş. S7 Kamerası bir harika !

lenee' Mitchell says:

so where can i find this camera at NOW! bc i know its a little old so its hard to find

CHARrrrrrrrr says:

Holy moly u talk fast

Jorge Moreno says:

The problem with this camera is that Samsung did not come up with software updates so you're stuck there. I have this camera and I wish I could get updates.

Bodyeffxby Rogue says:

Thank you for your review. I am looking for something that will help with Social Media posting and video making
I also need it to be easy to carry

Max Borde says:

Great digital camera.


my note 5 will blow this out of the way lol..

Donnie Darko says:

best review for this camera THX 😉

Jerry Chen says:

Do you know to to use this camera as a webcam?

Pussy&unboxing channel says:

cool I want a camera like this I have samsung tab take pics on it but Ned a Camara like the galaxy cam for a back up

ismail khan says:

Hello what about the quality of pictures of this camera   ??  and what about its camera videos duration??  how much capacity to make a video,,, has it a capacity to make a video about continue two hours without breaking ??? and also please explain about its battery timing, duration

Trey Only says:

Great video,Thanks!

icy tower says:

This camera has a background blur?

Alice Kho says:

i wnat that camera

uzi Pets says:

Also , can you connect this to wifi

uzi Pets says:

Do you guys think this would be a good camera for vlogging or for being a you tuber pls help

joshua zoduhsanga says:

i got this on 2013 ,,and they stole it 🙁

Angela Grujicic says:

I appreciate your review! very helpful!

Ronice says:

I love this camera

Ronice says:

You also didnt mention the wifi

Brad Hall says:

5:11 chris bosh

vivi says:

Does this camera autofocus?? Nice vid!

Ahlam_S. says:

does it have a wi-fi like the samsung NX300 ?

Wycked O Hole says:

Wow 6:026:19 lol!

jervazz hammond says:

I'm into phones and tablets I'm trying to get into cameras now too

SCtester says:

Where did you get that shirt? (:

Love LaChapelle says:

can you link me to the sim card i should buy for it?

Keegan Dsouza says:

Is this camera good to make basketball recordings and videos????

jaiinecupcake says:

Is this the camera 1 or 2? I see there are many versions of this online, sorry to ask

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