Samsung Galaxy Folder Android flip-phone review (live)

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Joe DeJohn says:

I tried installing gear manager on this but no dice.

TechJunkie says:

i want either this a Lenovo A588T or a VKWorld T2

μ‹ μ†ŒκΈˆ game channel says:

this phone same folder 1!

ReisenFruit says:

wanna figure out the cpu? download cpu-z

MrBlaze256 says:

dude you wasnt even using t-9 t-9 auto spells words so 1 button press for each letter I can text 3x faster on an old razr than on a touch screen

MrBlaze256 says:

it needs a touch square like the blackberry

Bacon Cat says:

The 1990's are winning.

Deko says:

what model is that it fancy me

Toa whitelaw says:

Im thinking off going to a flip phone touch screen

Tamy Roxx says:

how do i get one?? which site??

ACupOfChiliSauce says:

I want it now

jennifer nichols says:

just buy a zte

Abdullah Ashardinata says:

damn.. i want that phone as second daily phone, featuring my main phone originally from indonesia called Andromax ES

Joe DeJohn says:

This is awesome. Which others work in the U.S.?

G.E. Pierce Sr. says:

I am blown away!!!

Jesse Kona says:

Wow, an Android phone with a physical "End Call" button! That's all I wanted.

Ryan shirhabil says:

I have a flip phone and it came out in 1999

Icy_ Hyoudou says:

where can I find one? I've been wanting to go back to the flip phone.

Jan Skoda says:

how long does the battery last on normal day use (some FB, browsing the internet a bit, text n call) ?

Wallabynge says:

YUCK. Still Android. Burn it.

Francis. Mingora says:

trackfone has one out flip fone andorid for 99 bucks at best buy nout as good as this one

Hyunah says:

do you know if the folder 2 is compatible in the US?

igops alaipo says:

can you just pls use the keypad, cause we already know how to use the touchscreen. πŸ™‚

seemoremacstuff says:

checkout ZTE cymbal T
US android fliphone

D'fabulousYOU says:

hi! how long does the phone last?

Mohamed Ashraf says:

How can i buy it πŸ˜€

ja52ng74 says:

Can you assign the T9 buttons to work in emulated games?

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