Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 REVIEW – Is a entry level Samsung Phone worth it?

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The review of the Samsung Galaxy J3 16 Smartphone.
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In this review of the Samsung Galaxy J3 you will find every single detail that will help you make an informed purchasing decision. You will be able to see benchmark results, sample pictures taken with the front and rear cameras, gaming performance and much more.

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  • Abdullah Qaiser

    If you could get your hands on the j5 Prime that would be gr8 thinking of buying it

  • Thomas Knight

    try the galaxy j1 look up its specs lol

  • dedik mahendra

    i think its a j2 2016, look the camera specs, its just 5&2 MP, normally it must have 8&5Mp camera according to the last year model

  • Hay boi

    need a good case for this phone, I have it too!but my case is breaking down already

    got on sprint and is 16 gb version
    and speaker is crap,just😑
    but good battery but it once took me over 4 hours to charge battery from 0 to 100%

  • the worl XD

    like estaba inactivo xD

  • Aryansh Mishra Tech Guides

    very detailed and great informative video!
    nice Alex!

  • Supun W

    Great review mate! Anyway, can I know the software you use to add moving text along with the phone at the beginning of the video, if you don't mind?

    Thanks and good luck Alex!

  • Kade L


  • Ivan Uremovic

    This looks like a decent phone for someone that is not that picky and just wants to text, call and maybe snap a few pictures. But to be honest, I would rather save a bit more and go with atleast J5 if you really want a brand name phone. I'm J7 user, and I can say that I'm really satisfied with it. Of course there are a lot of better chinese branded phones out there, but still, many people prefeer to have a brand name phone rather than the phones like Xiaomi etc.


    nice for economic.

  • Free Saxon

    Liked the way you operated the mobile remotely for presentation purposes

  • richard cooper

    I've got the Samsung a3 2016 edition and it's a very good phone 4 price

  • billaras41

    hi Alex! nice review! old phone!!!! check the new j3 2017 they call it j3 emerge!! the new one does not have amoled screen!!!

  • Thomas Knight

    my gripe with cheap devices isn't the performance its the build quality and low storage capacity on a lot of them
    8gb phones are a pain (especially ones with carrier bloatware)

  • Martin Milevski

    What type of model of j3 2016 do you have, because it is running 6.0.1, mine is j320fn (EMEA) and it has 5.1.1, a quad core 1.5ghz and 1.5gb RAM 😁

  • Doug Walker

    Another good review👍but not a very compelling device.

  • Mathis Beaulieu

    u still have the note 7 !!!