Samsung Galaxy J3: A $150 Budget Smartphone!

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Samsung Galaxy J3 review! Is this budget smartphone worth it in 2016?

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1,000 sub please says:

Can it work on the dji go app

Concept Cobalt says:

u were wrongh my j3 has a 8mega pixel front cam and 5 mega pixel front camera and i mine is in black u get it in silver and gold ofcorse

antonia perdu says:

Just got it from best buy online for $79.99 plus ya $84.00!

lps sky queen says:

This is the same phone I have

Issac Sanchez says:

got this phone for 50 bucks new at Walmart. …best bang for the buck ive ever gotten

Allison Burwell says:

Do you think it can take constant updating for Pokémon Go game which is petty heavy?

Fabo Andolini says:

this will be my first smartphone and I'm 29 YEARS OLD, haha I just never gave a shit about having a nice phone while I was in college because I'd fuck my phone up all the time…..some how the same phone I had in 2007 in college I SITLL HAVE NOW, it's a slider baby, a pussy magnet phone that's indestructible, but it fell in a bucket of water for at least the 7th or 8th time…..and though rice saved it again (somehow, Idk how it works every time) this time it left some serious scars, like whenever I'm trying to text someone it will start calling them over and over and over and over and over, and I jut have to sit there and click reject like 10 times lol and that shit has gotten me in trouble or called ppl I really didn't want to be calling 😀 so I FINALLY gave in and ordered this phone…I didn't even go online, I just called AT&T and this was literally the first phone the rep recommended because I'm cheap and told him I wanted the most affordable phone. It ended up being only $7 more/month….so I'm waiting for it in the mail and I can't like I'm pretty fuckin exciting….I can't believe I've gone this long without a smart phone in todays world haha I mean it's effected me at work, my social life, in situations where I needed to look something up I had nothing to use, I have to print out google maps….I mean for me that's just normal cuz I've done that my whole life and I've got by w/o it. I like that when I'm waiting at the doctors office that I'm the only person not looking down at my phone, or whenever I'm with a group of ppl and things get awkward and everyone else pulls out their phone to make it seem like their doing something important when in reality they've lost a lot of social skills by communication through social media and they forgot how to conversate in those beautiful awkward moments in the elevator hahaah those are the best. I VOW to not be one of those ppl!!! Only during NFL season will I check my FF line up, but that's it!!! And pictures of Natalie Dormer and Margot Robbie, THAT'S IT THOUGH!!!

AestheticStar says:

Does Instagram Stories work on the J3? Just curious, cause I'm looking to upgrade & want to know all my apps will function properly & update.

Asif Sammy says:

whats the difference between Samsung galaxy j3 and j3 2016 are they the same things

Asif Sammy says:

whats the difference between Samsung galaxy j3 and j3 2016 are they the same things

Cherish B. says:

I just ordered mine today for around 49+ tax from Best Buy, I know its not a fancy iphone, but hey, it will do for now.

Jolly Rancher says:

bestbuy has it on sale for $50

iamjusticetv iajtv says:

Nice review, I'm not into smart phones or anything like that I just like watching other reviews to make sure mine are at full potential. Doesn't matter what they are.

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