Samsung Galaxy J3 Full Review (Boost Mobile) HD

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The full review of the Samsung galaxy j3 on boost mobile in full HD.

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SentrySquad says:

Mine should be arriving today! 😀

Mars says:

It doesn't have music player? 🙁

Cat Chips says:

Im watching this with Samsung Galaxy J3

Punjabi song says:

what is boost phone

Bobbie Ochieng says:

That's the same phone I have. I got that as a Christmas gift on December 25, 2016. I'm taking goowd care ove it.

Tay3 says:

4:48 what's one touch 😂😂😂

oshya tugman says:

Okay which is better overall this one or the stylo 2 ?

TyrellDaKing ! HWBT says:

does the phone have boost mobile app? so I had the stylo it broke can I buy the j3 and put my the sim card that was in my stylo in the j3

Tracey White says:

I only paid $99.00 for my phone. I'm technology challenged and don't understand most of the tech language. I use YouTube most of the time to listen to music videos, heavy metal and I need an app to pump up the volume and bass if you know of any free one's. I also need a security, anti virus app that's free if you could please recommend a couple. Thanks so much.

redneck dippers of the south says:

I'm gonna get one this Friday while its on sale

JJ_Savage Money says:

History button on the left

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