Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

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Samsung Galaxy J3 review – a decent budget phone but fails to beat the strong competition.

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  • Serena Makowski

    My parents told me that I can get a phone for my B-Day, and I'm thinking about getting this one. It seems very nice.

  • theresa p

    just got this phone today

  • Marko Stajic

    moto g is shit

  • Anthony McLean

    Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) or Sony Xperia E5?

  • Exit Crew

    no laging games on that awesome phone 😃

  • Luka

    is this dual or single sim?

  • MaxAwesomeness GB

    I like the design better tan the S7, besides the S7 being glass/metal and waterproof

  • GameWare

    See, size doesn't matter "5 inches is a good size"

  • Bender Rodruigez

    "5 inches is a good size" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • TaDarrius 360

    just got it I love it already

  • musiclover

    what's the camera Like

  • Emily B

    I have had this phone for 7 months and it has slowed down on me so much. I'm not quite sure what to do but it crashes a lot and lags really bad. I'm thinking of just getting a different phone and spending a bit more.

  • Maid

    i think i buy j5 because its cots 10€ more than j3 and its better


    This guy is not very nice

  • April Harleys

    this gets the newest updates right?