Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) Review

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Can the new Galaxy J5 (2016) convince you to pick it up instead of a comparably priced handset by other brands? Well, we’ll have to see about that!…

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Nian says:

Should i get this one or a3 2016?

Prince Prinxe says:

but 4g not works

Kana 15 says:

I own Sony M4 Aqua atm and idk if I should change it for j5 2016?

Nicholai Korb says:

Is this camera the same as the Samsung galaxy s3's?

Shamsuddin Lehri says:

i bought that and its awsom

Shannia Sampson says:

This, honor 5c or p8 lite?

Benedict Lucena says:

bias review bro . j5 2016 camera shoot better than that..

Wan Firdaus Daus says:

please help..!!!!! I just bought this phone like a weeks ago.., I dont know why but when I want to watch video (any app,youtube etc.) the screen become a bit fade.., when Im restart my phone .,it backs to normal.,but after a while it became like fade whenever Im watching video…,it happens after I surfing internet mostly..! please help….!!!!! sorry for my bad English.., does anyone experience this.?

Jeffrey Dellosa says:

this or zenfone 3 max? in terms of camera and processor?

Krish Vish says:

Learn how to do a unboxing video

falcon 10 says:

can you use splitscreen on this phone?

Sam Cleary says:

I have this Phone 📱

FrosTy theNoob says:

weird. My j5 2016 has 6.0.1 out of the box

Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight says:

sounds like a piece of junk then lol get an s5 for £100

Josip Ratković says:

I have this phone for about 1 month and I cant find how to change unlock effect but i can see you have diffrent unlock effect.. please replay

FrosTy theNoob says:

the removable battery is great

Adrian Wee says:

lollipop is outdated, yet im still on jelly bean….

Isak Dervic says:

How long does it take to to charge?

I'm currently using this phone atm I love it

Rodney R.E says:

today i bought one. and it is really cool but. on the back it says chinese mobile 4g..HOW !!!!! WHY!!!

Elijah wilson says:

when can we get this in stores in the USA

Centurion says:

Overpriced junk.

DJLOX Mad records says:

all pretty honest apart from the camera bit but i guess i did photoshop alot of my phones images

Edwin Espiritu says:

can you make a video asus zenfone 3 max vs samsung galaxy j5 2016 because Im still confuse on what Im going to buy

Justin Attoh Veerman says:

Does pokemon go work on this samsung j5 2016??

bato pg says:

samsung j5 2016,huawei p8 lite?how it's best smartphone?

Tipo 95 says:

help me!
j5 or xperia m4 aqua?
j5 or galaxy A3?

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