Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Review

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The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 edition, aka J7 6) represents the new generation of affordable Samsung phones: with a stylish look, a sturdy metal frame, and even with a few premium features…

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2k god says:

why didimt mine come with earbuds

EpIcInSaNItY Epic says:

i think its useless

EpIcInSaNItY Epic says:

auto brightness is not needed

Kayla Luna says:

i might get this phone . my galaxy s5 sucks ass now its buggy and just stupid 😂 but then again I want the s7 edge

Nector Delacruz says:

I will buy this phone next month .

Jason Matthews says:

I just got one works great

R3bellion says:

Review quality increased by 1000 times because you're not Indian.

OfficiallyTwon says:

eww!!! The back looks disgustingly cheap

julian ocampo says:

soo im better off with my samsung galaxy edge 6 or what??

Luis A says:

Cant they find someone american for reviews

MR. Awesome Creeper says:

What was that game thanks!

N.I. K.A says:

which is best galaxy j7 2016 vs lenovo k6?

Asif Izhar says:

Nice review

hamza rafik says:

J7 or lg k10??

Enrico says:

Wow, it's really good this review, can you review also the agm x1?

Poop Nuts says:


Justin 918 says:

I just get dis phone tomorrow at T-Mobile

Raymond Garcia says:

Why do all j7 reviewers have insufferable voices.

Asen Shatrovski says:

This video is made in Bulgaria, because in the phone says Varna!!!

Saroj Kumar Kansyakar says:

which is the game you are playing on this …???

ThomasR34 says:

J7 2016 or Huawei P9 Lite? Please help

Wesley Young says:

How much better is this phone over my current HTC desire 816?

MMDC says:

just orderd one im excited!

Juan Alvarez says:

Would this be a good upgrade from an iphone 5s??

freeplay games says:

I have it in white and it runs pretty well

Khubaib mughal says:

how it open the clipboard j72016

Tiffany McCoy says:

i want to get that phone. it's way better than the phone i already have 🙁

imafreck123 says:

My sister is planning to buy a new phone. She had this phone on her mind. Shes a moderate user that likes big phone with great camera front & back and only use social media and music on her phone. Is this phone okay or is there any better phone ?

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