Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 review

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Samsung just updated one of its best midrangers…but last year’s version is nothing to sneeze at. Is it really worth the bump in price?

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video. To learn more, read our detailed test results over at

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  • TheNames Euro

    Are the J7 and the Halo the same thing ?

  • Stan’s Bookish Universe

    Nice review, I wasn't expecting to see my university though 😀

  • Akash Multani

    You are so much cute buggeye

  • KenChua

    WHAT SHOULD I BUY!!!!!????!?!??!

  • timmy tijd

    Is the samsung j730f waterproof?

  • salah eddin

    looks like a nice phone for the price !

  • Oz

    Whoa whoa i cant watch a hipster wearing a hat indoors just for fashion reasons.

  • Pewang Yolmo

    Base storage is 64gb. How is it not enough?

  • Naeem Jj

    it's 4g?

  • Alduin Dovah

    Take that thing to the trash bin please and now!! A used s7 works 10 times better and it cost the same

  • Alduin Dovah

    Take that thng

  • stonent

    This J7 2017 doesn't seem to match the specs of the J7 2017's that I'm seeing in the US. If this is the euro version it should be specified up front when presented by a North American reviewer.

  • Vaping For Dayz

    I'm pretty sure you are from Bulgaria or at least live there

  • Its Zen

    Im watching this with j7 pro or you can just say the new j7 2017

  • Itsme Alchen

    Is that J7 Prime or J7 Pro?

  • Moin Sheikh

    Hey girl.. U r epic.! I love ur thumb finger ring 💍. Pretty attractive.

  • Ahsan Ahmed

    Angie is my crush when she wears that hat but honestly she lacks some expression. I would rate her review 6/10. Good but not better.

  • zenon brian

    Is it waterproof

  • Preet Panesar

    J7 2017 has 64 gigs inbuild 🙄

  • Nuno Shalhabama

    Comment section full with virgins.

  • Andrius Val

    neckbeards and prepubes don't become masculine by remarking about the reviewer. not sorry to burst that bubble

  • z3r0 dArK

    I just bought the 2017 j7 but i still likes the 2016 series..theres so many flaws on that new updates likes some apps dnt work well..its my opinion though..

  • Educated Fool

    She's sooo cute. Like if uou agree with me