Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime Gold Full Review and Unboxing

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Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime, Unboxing, Camera Test, Selfie Test, And Night Camera test, OTG Connecting,


Nikhil Wajvaa says:

Hey bro! what's the name of this game

Gutmenschensmiley says:

When is release in USA/germany?

or where can i buy this from germany?

mohamudul says:


Debojit Pal says:

Is it the best phone among samsung galaxy j series

robert griffin says:

it has 32 gb 32 is fake?

Rakesh Nath says:

should I buy this phone or not pls reply friends

bornali choudhury says:

how to remove ' recently added folder' from galary?

Afrida Khanom says:

which one u will choose between gr5 2017 haowei and j7 prime

Rishi M says:

Ummm……………..But where is the voice over?

Hg Lim says:

Dangerous the way you hold your penknife!

오트프 says:

한국말 합시다. 내???? 한국말로 해주세요

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