Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro: Mini Review (Great Low Cost Phone! )

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  • lospollosRELENTLESSPLATEFINISHER HOfFridgeProtector

    One question……Where you get that wallpaper

  • advcomp2019

    Where did you get the Snapdragon 625? I have one of these phones, and it does not have a Snapdragon 625. How did you get Android 7 at too? My J7 Sky Pro does not have Android 7 yet. I can even show you this screen shots of the CPU-Z: Plus how are you on T-Mobile because the J7 Sky Pro that I have is Verizon only.

  • Nick Hadlick

    This really IS a great phone! It's not $100 ("and some change"), it's retail price is $149.99. BUT GREAT NEWS!!! WAL-MART is rolling over their Black Friday $49.99 price point RIGHT NOW! If you want or need a really good phone, AND/or, have a tight budget, AND/or, don't want to sign a contract, do yourself a favor, GET THIS PHONE NOW! It's a fantastic bang for your buck hands down. Also, it'll make an AWESOME gift for someone this Christmas, whether their in need of a phone upgrade or could save money with it's super affordable $45/month no contract plan. I went from a Samsung model J3 Luna Pro($99.99), which is practically identical to this phone just smaller both physically and capacity, to this model J7 Sky Pro for 1/2 the price!…..yeah, I know, this comment is ridic, but hey, you could also make a stockpile of these phones while at this super-low price point and give em' out as b-day/donation gifts or flip em' on auction sites for a smart investment. Okay okay I'm done now…….☆☆☆☆☆

  • Brittany Bell

    The phone at that price range is excellent. I think you were judging it a little harshly by comparing it more higher end phones. I got this same phone for free on MetroPCS and another one for my mom on straight talk for 50 dollars. It's great for what it is.

  • Jordan Moore

    There is no question in my mind that I'm gonna get this phone for Christmas

  • Chicagoguy84

    If this had a better processor, Screen resolution and camera it would be WAY MORE than $150 !!! Sheesh !!!!

    I got it at Walmart for $55 black friday 🙂 Already have a S6 active and NEVER any problems, Using this J7 sky as a business back up phone 🙂

    Oh a it works on the Verizon CDMA network

  • Tez Jackson

    No one went into the settings in their review. What kind of things is in the settings? Features ?

  • CivilGuy

    How do you unlock the phone without activating the plan

  • W Baker

    Does it have a camera flash?

  • Chicken of the TREE

    Mine was $149 at Walmart….where did you get yours?

  • gameing pixal HD

    It's a pretty good phone for the price 2gb of ram and 16gb of expandable storage and 720p display so better than the iPhone 5s and better than the galaxy s5 it's a pretty good phone it would play games good I would guess.

  • LadyKet

    They sell straight talk phones at best buy?