Samsung GALAXY J7 Ultimate Review, TIPS & TRICKS

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NEW GALAXY J7 (2016) Review
This is my take on the Samsung Galaxy J7 – probably the best mid-range gaming phone at only 15K Rs ~ $240. It’s strong points are- a) A colorful HD 5.5″ screen b) Impressive 3000 mAh battery c) Best-in-class octa-core CPU d) 13MP+5MP cameras with front flash.

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JDM Cesar says:

720 youtube video or just 480?

lori fahl says:

can you face time on this phone?

Krystal Ann says:

His fucking ISIS voice creeps me the fuck out

Mmm Hyatt says:

why do these brown monkey coons from india contstantly get on here talking and Most peopel CANNOT understand that bs gibberish they speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bimla Babbar says:

In which colour golden or black the phone will look slimmer and bigger

Hans says:

you guys pay with poopies? Really?

Divyanshi Verma says:

Watching this videos on my J7 which I bought today….😊


awesome mid range smartphone for gaming

Jolie Sitharanjandas Das says:

only sd card encrypt option is there…how to encrypt device??? help me plz

Ël_ČŕžŸ BõŸ says:

am i the only one that cannot understand him?!

Jelliannah Lyka Barrete Lopez Freestyle's says:

watching this from my S7 edge

Foxy the Pirate Fox Slijepčević says:

Lol i have a Samsung J7

Kelvin says:

this review is so proffesional, nice job man super informative i will have to watch it again later

minhogirlforever says:

so am I the only one who noticed B2ST at 8:39? xD #kpop

swiss954 says:

free at metro now

LegitDaddy says:

got it today!!

Kekarinkashi !!! says:

Indian tech support

Kekarinkashi !!! says:

Indian tech support

Shubham Tiwari says:

kya j7 me pinger print sensor hi

Grab A Recipe says:

i need permission to embed your video

retha houston says:

does it have a notification light ?

Marko Panic says:

watching my j7 xDD who watching in 2017 ? CD

Marko Panic says:

I like my Samsung galaxy j7 😉

Chris Bryan says:

Looks beautiful for its price.

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