Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 = Best Android Experience of 2013!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Galaxy Note 3 Camera Samples:

Galaxy Note 3 First Impressions:
Galaxy Note 3 Sizeup:

Wallpaper used:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5


  • Ellah Trixie Sarroca

    it's a great phone… my phone fell from a motor bike and 2nd floor to a puddle.. it still works

  • Ali Sidhu

    m watching this on my note 3 بغ 2017 ..who else?

  • Quazwersxce X

    I am going to buy this in 2017. A refurbished is available!

  • MisterTen Vids

    Today we have 6 gb of ram and we will get 8 gb ram very early.
    And one day we will get 64 gb of ram in smartphones.:D.What You think. Can we get 64gb ram in phones in next 50 years.

  • sofia

    Who is watching in 2017? pft

  • Robbie Bob

    please tell me , my samsung note 3 battery dies very fast, and I don't know what's the problem.

  • Hazard Punk

    not the best note ever but he is the best smartphone reviewer ever

  • The random mario channel 2

    It's hard to believe that the note 3 had a larger battery than the galaxy s7.

  • Regular Ninja GamingTM

    i have galaxy note 3 5.0 lollipop

  • LongWal1

    Who's Watching in March 2017?

  • cole blackburn

    Somebody told me Iphone was the best… I needed yo see this video to calm down…..

  • Nick B

    Reminiscing my old notes by watching on my first ever iPhone. The 7 plus. But goddamn I would be using the note 7 if they didn't fuck it up

  • Gary A. James

    lol i got a notification to watch just now. Dude Note 3 still rocks. I just put the Exynos n900 on an Obama plan for someone & They say you can do that…. (have to use that lil Alcatel phone…..right.)

  • Chirag Garg

    watching in 2017!

  • Misty Griffin

    gettin this soon with gorilla glass put on from a friend xd so siked!!

  • raza ahmad

    this is the best of the best smart phones ever from the samsung…. i bought it 2 years ago and it never dissappointed me

  • Alexis Williams

    Thinking about going back to samsung

  • Mohamad Haris Ishak

    I miss the old opening soundtrack.

  • erick zavala

    who is watching in 2017

  • the random mario channel

    wait hol up hol up hol up hol up hol up HOLD UP, you're telling me that in 2013 the note 3 was the biggest phone, and no other phone is big like that!!?? Damn, samsung be getting their phones right.

  • The random mario channel 2

    Back when iPhones were small as hell.

  • Kowsar Ahamed

    its still sweet