Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!

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Josh reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Perhaps one of the best Android phones of 2014?
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Mohammed Alnasri says:

I have this phone for 2 years ago, really good performance till now!!

MKJGV says:

great video thanks. does note 4 have ios 9 ?

Giboson Limalima says:

I used my note 4 for long time until now still pretty good I love note 4

ANRzX | انرز says:

The battery finishes in 5 hours it is so high consumption

Joshua Hu says:

watching on a note 4

Diogo Andrade says:

I really loved this phone, miss it so much! I also miss joshua vergara's reviews… haven't seen him so much lately

Sandip Magar says:

Galaxy syndrome… awesome hahaha

schizostelios says:

watching this on my nokia 3210


Should I get this phone?
It's been two years.

Stefan Batrinache says:

7:44 White dog with black balls

Lindsay Marvel says:

wish I had one @_@

JKKHO 02 says:

note 4 or lg v10?

Black Monroe says:

should I get note 4 or 5 ….any ideas

Jørgen says:

The grey horizontal stripes are ruining this phone

liltcup76 says:

Does this one have the expanded memory. Can I add a 64 gig card?

옆집사과 says:

SM-N910S model is Korean SK Telecom variant, which sports Exynos 5433 in favor of Snapdragon 805.

Jay Christopher Santos says:

watching this with my Note 4. still the king Note!

rawn4203 says:

Had this for 2 years. Upgraded to the LG v20, that phone sucked. Returned it, back to my galaxy note 4. Great phone, might keep it another 6 years. Love the fact u can replace your own battery, a feature that is become more and more rare.


is the Charger any Android Charger?

tbinnsy says:

Would this still be a good phone to get

Daosy_Quack says:

Hello guys, im having a problem with my note 4. It fell on the floor
screen down, and the battery ran out. I put it to charge, and i come
back to it and it still hasnt charged at all, and it is stuck in a loop.
It just shows the battery icon and it disappears. (it does this over
and over) I tried resetting it but it just brings me back to the battery
screen loop. I also tried safe mode and nothing. Pleaseif you can, help
me with my problem. I have looked everywhere and havent found anything.
I dont want to buy a new one because they are very expensive. If you do
find a website that includes info on it, link it below. Thank you for
reading this.. (ignore the profile pic, thats my friend)

Roger Reyes says:

I can barely get a few hours on my note 4 for some reason

Angela Coleen Bual says:

n0te 4 or s7 edge ? any0ne? buying it in jan2017 .

User not found says:

i love this phone! this is my favorite.. aint changing to the latest until the battery is bigger and is removable … i will buy a note 4 when the current note 4 breaks

Frost says:

Is this the best unlocked phone under $400? Can someone else please tell me so i can look at it

MyBikeKnowsNoSpeedLimit s says:

i wish i can buy a note 4 it is suitable for a student like me.That s pen might be useful for me to create a class presentation via powerpoint or wps.But, too bad the price is stupidly high.

Timothy John Castañeda says:

Note 4 or S6?

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