Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review!

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Galaxy Note 5: Samsung’s slightly larger premium Android flagship!

Galaxy Note 5 (Sapphire):

dBrand Note 5 skin:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Comrade Napoleon says:

The best thing about the Note 5 was the worst thing about the Note 7 which is the stupid edge display and the lack of it. Its useless and impractical and it should be confined to the consumer products like the S8+ but they should stop forcing it down everyone's throat. I hate the curved screen and it makes no sense. In fact, removing the regular S7 and coming to only edge screen with the S8 was a dick move by Samsung.

StubbornPride MOB says:

not a phone you wanna have in jail, especially in the shower lol easy accsess. youll spend more time bent over then standing up hahahahahahhahahaha

Jozef Henricus says:

how long does the note 5 battery last?

George Vlahopoulos says:

"Don't put it that way……That's what she said…" LOOOOOOOL!

Terry fagan says:

It's a non starter for me 👎

Leyah says:

I Had the Note when it first came out then went to tbe Note 4. Always had problems with the phone from the battery going dead very quickly, or just turning off for no reason. and lets not mention its $280 to get screen fix if u break it. There is alot of truth as to why so many people are complaining about this phone.

Polat Alemdar says:

i want the wallpaper!!!

Jabbit :3 says:

watching a review about the note 5, on my note 5 XD

Discuss says:

best phone on the planet the note

Anthony Duck says:

You make some of the best vids bro!

Nige Turner says:

Did you just call Samsung Sammy?? lol!

Nouman fastbowler says:

east or west iPhone is the best.

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