Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review – The Perfect Phone?

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The Note 7 is the latest from Samsung. What’s new about the Note 7? Will the Note 7 be the new standard for smartphones? Lets find out what Jack has to say.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


MiGiz says:

Wow, this phone is AMAZI.. blows up

TheColonelK1LL says:

hah, little did they know

John Low says:

don't forget 'sploding. they still 'sploding

AGNH Gaming says:

the perfect phone

pros a lot

cons makes your house cathe fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jano Privracki says:

Anything else other than it being a very powerful phone with a stylus? Not as impressive, in my opinion.

zeo pale says:

over hyped exploding pice of shit hue hue hue

Alex Andrade says:

Ah, the naive old days of August 2016. "The Samsung Galaxy No-" BURSTS INTO FLAMES

Markus Eisenhammer says:

How much did they pay you to hold that bomb in your hands for about 10minutes :p

Joshua Needham says:

but did it blow up

Reamed says:

This phone is on fire! amirite or amirite?

Warg says:

Like to see a Google Pixel review.

Arvydas Andrius says:

other say that battery is shit and sound quoality is average :oanyway im sony guy but sony drop its vibe so i migrating

myCousinVenny says:


Richard Powell says:

Has anyone experienced any lag using the note 7

Timmy Johansson says:

Loved your review! Great job 🙂

nictimus says:

It has an awesome feature, it explodes

Λrcade says:

for me tbh it's perfect since the big size is a factor I want , the pen is a very nice add-on ill use a hell lot and the camera is just beautiful even I'm thinking of vlogging with it
the software for sure is way better than the apple one because it's customizable and beautiful , water and dust proof is a nice feature , totally love the AMOLED display with better color vibration , the quick charge is just awesome
such a must own phone , I'm sad that the battery explosion is going around so it has a bit of a delay and scares when buying the phone from a reseller

Christian Möller says:

Accept the battery blowing up

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