Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review!

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Review & Ratings:

With the best features of the Galaxy S and Note line, the latest Note has a lot to offer but is it worth its price? Here’s our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review!

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  • A M B I T I O U S

    still think this is better looking than the s8…

  • Shadow Hunter Playz

    1 word for that phone


  • kurdish tes3a

    damn this was a bomb literally

  • Hadas00

    best device what i had ever

  • McCreepyPasta – Vainglory Player

    Can I have a like for buying this without dying?

  • UnrealProductions

    they're going to resell the note 7 soon, it's coming back guys

  • Lava Rift

    13:39 😅

  • NickTheGeek

    who would buy one now sammy are gonna sell refurbed ones??

  • Im BLUE

    man that's a good pho….. BOOM

  • Cygnus X-1

    anyone planning on getting a refurbished one?

  • Ultra Gamer

    It blows up!!!!!!!

  • Queen Me

    Excellence Review on this phone. Your the best reviewer by far! Keep it up!

  • Alexandra Cristea

    I've had my galaxy note 3 for 4 years and it still hasn't let me down. My next phone will be another galaxy note for sure!

  • Music Lord

    "2016 editor choice award winner" for the sambomb note 7 😛

  • Carlos Perez

    why have you to be gone????!!!! come back NOTE 7!!! you will remembered as the best phone ever!

  • gabriel morales

    most beautiful phone ever!😍

  • MoonShadow

    review the LG aristo

  • RCmies

    I never looked at a Note 7 review because of the explosions and shit but honestly this looks so good. Like it ticks all the boxes. And I was thinking that the rumoured S8 looks so futuristic and good, but in reality it looks just like a smaller version of the Note 7. I really like the design of this phone, too bad it had the problems with the battery or whatever.