Samsung Galaxy On5 (2016) Full Review – New Metro pcs/T-Mobile Phone

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Samsung Galaxy On5 price

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Samsung Galaxy On5 (2016) Full Review – New Metro pcs/T-Mobile Phone


FaZe weather says:

I use to have a LG k10 now I have a iPhone 7 plus at age 13

Enrique Rodriquez57 says:

I have this phone and its pretty good I really like it

u unz says:

Thank you for the review. This sounds like it would be good for a mother who isn't all that interested in taking high megapixel selfies. 🙂 Turn on the ultra power mode, and it sounds like a phone that will get the job done!

Nillymoon07 says:

im thinking of buying this phone temporarely until my note 5 gets fix can i download pokemon go???

Luis X says:

ah man i was going to go w k7 but got this just now…no returns..the k10 was too fruity looking for me. i had my last phone for almost 3 years.

francisco lopez says:

dude not to be rude or anything but your review on cameras is WRONG. For future videos you post on whatever phone it may be, try to first take a picture with the phone's camera, send it to your PC and then print the photo, tha is how you know wheather a camera is good or bad, the lag you see when taking a picture is the focusing……. by the way my phone is GS6 Edge + just in case you think i'm saying that because i own a budget phone.

Stickdoge1414 says:

u said 8GB of ram lololololol

Michael Shelton says:

Do not waste your money, it over heats sent it back took 2 weeks to get it back worked for half an hour then over heated again.
Wasted over an hour with samsung on the phone. Sending it back again so another 2 weeks without a phone. The last thing I will ever buy from samsung.

Ethan Thompson says:

I have this phone it's better then the js

COD4LIFE says:

I couldnt understand you bro? does it or doed it not have led notification?

Twiztid Rich says:

My ON5 only has one sim slot.

U WOT M8 says:

I hate this phone

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