Samsung Galaxy On5 Full Review

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Samsung Galaxy On5 Full Review, everything you need to know covered in this video. This review is time-coded so you can customize your viewing experience. If you enjoy this content show your support by leaving this video a thumbs up below and sharing it with others. Thank you for watching, and have a great day any comments, questions, concerns, drop them below in the comment section of this video.

Samsung Galaxy On5 Unlocked Pricing and Information:


1. Introduction/what we will review: 0-43s
2. Hardware Tour/Build/Ergonomics: 44s-4:30s
3. Specifications: 4:31- 6:32
4. Software: 6:33-14:09
5. Personal Positive Aspects: 14:10-16:32
6. Personal Negative Aspects: 16:33-18:36
7. Camera: 18:37-20:19
8. Battery Life: 20:20-22:13
9. Gaming Performance: 22:14- 24:01
10. Who is this device for: 24:02-END
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Green Gamer says:

Its $60 on Metro Pcs

yash Soni says:

This is grate phone but this is water proof

Captain AR says:

The On5 is alright. I owned the s2,3,4,5,6. Note 3,4,5 and 7(returned) and the iPhone 3GS,4,4s,5,5s and 6s plus. It depends on what you like. End this bs war

Samin Khandker says:

i got mines for $40

Tamika steed says:

Would this be better then Samsung galaxy s4???????


who else has a problem with the music

marsha mills says:

great phone for the price

Ester J says:

is it not 2GB RAM?

Mystical wind says:

I hate the on5 the touch screen is so sticky when I run my fingers across the phone hate the phone

Terrell Witchard says:

Led indicator

Seashell Grillasca says:

can you add storage ?

Kathy Liggins says:

what if this phone was dropped in water will it work

KUSH BOI says:

can u hide apps like lgk7

Sharelle Hazelwood says:

I had a Samsung galaxy on5 before I got this phone and I hated was terrible on storage and the camera was terrible there was a lot of I have a iPhone 6s.i don't ever recommend buying it but that's my oppion so๐Ÿ‘Œ

Elite Pain says:

how many apps can u download on it

Tadasa Langlois says:

does this phone have an mp3 player already built in the phone when you buy it??!! This is very important to know!!!! my galaxy sky j3 doesn't an it upsets me that I can't play music with our an mp3 player already built in

CRGameZ FD says:

I remember when this guy ink has 6000 subs

Djthrowback Newyork says:


Jose Ramirez says:

he said it doesnt include fast charging My Does charge pretty fast.

ayush sharma says:

does it have front flashlight or slfie flashlight rply soon

Erick says:

Good phone, but the storage sucks. I used a micro sd card, and not all apps can be mounted on it.

David Bolds says:

love all your video's

Siul legna says:

The on 5 it's an exclusive t-mobile phone? or others companies have it?

U Mad says:

My home screen is big what do I do

Fussion Lynx says:

I love this phone the battery life is amazingly long lasting

Gregory Hess says:

Got this phone a couple weeks ago and it is actually pretty solid for it's price. I got this as an upgrade to the galaxy core prime and i couldn't be happier. My problem is that i want to unlock it to use with my T-Mobile SIM card, but Metro PCS says this device has to be active for 90 days. sadly, i have to revert back to the core prime to use my T-Mobile service for about another month or so. But all in all, this phone is great.

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