Samsung GALAXY On8 Unboxing & Hands on Review 4K (ft. J7 2016)

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Galaxy On8 Full Review!
This is my unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy On8 (Buy mid-range SmartPhone.
The Galaxy On8 is the first Samsung smartphone with a full HD SAMOLED screen and below 15000 Rs price tag. The Galaxy J7 2016 is even pricier and sports a 720p screen, though the CPU and GPU are more premium than that the Galaxy On 8 (1.6GHz octa-core Cortex-A53 processor with Exynos 7580 chipset, Mali-T720 GPU).

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Gaming Test (must watch)
Galaxy On8 vs Galaxy J7-6 (2016)
On8 vs Moto G4 Plus
Camera Samples


Ajay H.R says:

does it have an led notification light?

Mcbootyhurt ;3 says:

kill yourself please <3

Vikram Borecha says:

review in j7 pro 2017

Taha Khatib says:

Bhai Chaku kaha se liya? Please share link in the description :'D

Ibtihaaj Akbar says:

can it handle FIFA mobile plz rply

Shane Ward says:

does it have gyroscope?

Jeric Yee says:

On8 only sell in india only?? another country dont have sell

subham souryam says:

samsung galaxy on8 most third class mobile

Venkatesh Bhargav says:

will it get anderoid nougat

kalyan thakur says:

nonsense innovation …samsung copy from iphone or motorola

A.N Ranjith naath says:

without oning mobile data phone is in online state

Ankit Pal says:

Is anywhere exchange offer is available??

Ankit Pal says:

Is anywhere exchange offer is available??

Ankit Pal says:

Is anywhere exchange offer is available

Shailendra Singh says:

good device i have a on 8

shaniel143 says:

is it already available here in the philippines??

kalyan thakur says:

samsung is crappy company

Lightning Werewolf says:

phone is ugly..

Medha Gokhale says:

I just wanna know can i use the mobile case of J72016 on On8 as well since the design and size specs are the same?
Please reply!

Ayan Neogi says:

Dude its not super amoled .. its just HD

Cem Senol says:

Whats better – J7 Prime or On8? I need a quick answer please someone tell me the difference between them.

Himendu Baidya says:

does it work on VR box …?

Mehedi Hasan says:

i need this phone

Ria Abalos says:

when it will be available in the philippines?

Laboni Mitra says:

i have bought this phone…but after using soma time the volume buttons get slitely hot…should i replace it?

K8ng Iraqe says:

iPhone 7 plus .

anand Machchhar says:

Redmi note 3 is the best. Come on guys go redmi.

Sagar Shrestha says:

fingerprint???gyroscope ????

Crazy Fool says:

which is better, samsung j7 or this?

rishabh shah says:

Hi @gadgets portal have heard this phone has a lot of sound issues with regards to the ringtone. Is it true That the speaker of the phone is so bad that you cannot hear it when someone calls you??
Kindly advise on the same would appreciate it.

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