Samsung Galaxy Review

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Phone Arena reviews the Samsung Galaxy I7500. It is the first Samsung phone running Android OS. It features 3.2-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels, 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, 8GB internal memory and microSDHC card slot….

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Simple Potato says:

how is this in full hd

Ameen Butt says:

Who is enjoying watching first ever Android based smartphone by Samsung, compare it with Galaxy Note 7 😀

ALEJO 1808 says:

i come from the future! samsung galaxy s7 edge

ALEJO 1808 says:

i come from the future! samsung galaxy s7 edge

ALEJO 1808 says:

i come from the future! samsung galaxy s7 edge

Bravo Sierra says:

i love watching older phones reviews

Thomas Shaw says:

Samsung galaxies have changed alot since 2009

Henkie says:

desperate troll

23Huevosrancheros says:

now we see what samsung galaxy was before they copied iphone design..

Austin LaVicka says:

Your joking right?

Jose Garcia says:

I have a question my mom s buying me a phone, this or the galaxy s3


Y would u get this phone its so freaking old

Muhammad Yousaf Hassan says:

i got this phone a few days ago.can any one help me that how i can delete msg one by one.

fargeeks says:

That phone looks exactly like the samsung behold 2

Philemon Onesimus says:

I'm surprised you were able to type that comment with Apple's long, hard corporate cock jammed down your throat

Austin LaVicka says:

Got your numbers 2:42

understatedcore says:

@dutch1121 Why? Just because you don't have one, doesen't mean it's bad. I've had the Galaxy S II and the iPhone. They are both good phones. (I'm an Apple and Google fan)

Monspot says:

At first I thought he was joking with the accent

VTBbank says:

This phone is cheap quality trash. I bought it 2 years ago, and it has allready broke down.

Minx250 says:

fuck! cut the skin sticking out on your fuckin thumb! gross

Pantelis Bugatti says:

this how we have galaxy s 2 and all these superb galaxy phones…. 😀

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