Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Review

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  • The Royal Memes

    Still better than the iPhone 7 with a10 fish and chips

  • IntenseFamous

    i was still using this

  • JohnIsCooper

    Multintask bro ?

  • Resna Shohid

    I still have this phone….

  • Bjamin1107

    Is thier a front flash? Can you record front and back at the same time? Thanks Be Very Well:D

  • MOHAMMED Ahmed

    Still using this phone…

  • LeviPicturesXD

    I still have a s3. And, I love it.

  • Tay’s Dancing

    My Upgrade Strong. I went from a Galaxy S3 to a IPhone 6s Plus👅🖤

  • cameron gandola

    my samsung s3 can't connect to vr controller

  • Αναστασης Δεδουσης

    Το :-Samsung galaxy s3 ειναι τελειοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοο:-)

  • ғl Ð’тll

    my ass is inspired by nature too

  • DarkShadow64

    Touchwiz is an insult to tech. The s3 was pretty good phone though.

  • Ibrahim Nadeem

    does it have snapchat on the phone.

  • lovely noora

    im 13 and having this phone xD watching this video on it

  • Van

    I'm 10 and I have that phone. But marble white.

  • Xploding Mudkipz

    I hate this dam phone I just went from the new Moto z droid play to the HTC desire 530 then yesterday I went back to this piece of shit I call the Samsung Galaxy s3!

  • Mr.Chief Loafer

    worst phone always hangs

  • Ideas Rucoco

    Lol when it got kitkat it turned to the galaxy S4 on android 7.0 XD

  • Nishath Hettiarachchi

    samsung s3 waking virtual reality?

  • Bigwave2003

    Filled with soothing sounds of nature? What in nature makes the marimba sound you played?

  • Xyeno

    LARGE 4.8 screens….. Lol

  • Adam Saleh Fan

    I'm using a s3

  • GamingWizie

    0_0 Design for humans?!I thought it was designed for my dog!!!Dammit

  • Dylan Mcguire

    why do need 20 pictures of the same thing?