Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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It’s the phone that needs no introduction – but it does need a thorough review. Josh is here with one of the most anticipated releases of the year – the Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Unlocked
– (Black)
– (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G (Sprint)
– (Black)
– (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon)
– (Black)
– (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)
– (Black)
– (White)

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ICICspyTV 2 says:

The S8 is already out lol

provenwrong says:

It's still better then most smart phone's of today.

Nikesh Singh says:

still watching in 2017 wid s4 🙂

Luke's Tech says:


joudplayz MC says:

Well finally I can get this phone after they released the s8

Seth Keen says:

Just watched the s8 release video…

Rodrigo Rodrigues says:

2017 and now i have the money to buy '-'

Motherlov'n Jones says:

I'm here from the future 2017. Don't get the s5 and the s6 doesn't come with removable nor expandable…. Oh, the note 7 blows up. That's right, they skipped 6

Clark Balolong says:

how powerful is the processor? i really REALLY need the info

Kelompok 4 - Film Pendek says:

hi grandpha.. im s7

Prikshit Khajuria says:


toontownlegomaster says:

I think the s4 is future proofed. It's 1080p and has all the functionality of s5 but no waterproof. very sick phone.

Clorox Bleach says:

this is still a good phone

The shadow boy says:

My Big bro is geting a new phone and HIS old phone is going to be mine and the phone is Samsung galaxy s4 🙂

Patel Siddik says:

who is watching this in 2017!!?

Aster 2nd channel says:

I'm still using it to dis day…what is my life?

Jacob Keller says:

I just purchased this phone from Ting for $150

Jacob Keller says:

I just purchased this phone from Ting for $150.00

Emiliano Medrano says:

Watching this on my galaxy s7

Robert Vasquez says:

and the camera is also one of the best.

Robert Vasquez says:

me too.and I love it. is one of the best phone ever..

Moin Uddin says:

Why am I watching this in 2017?

Oh yeah! because I have an s4.

Valentino Kertowidjojo says:

I have never seen a iphone with any of these fuctions. that is why i love samsung I still use the S4 now and than. It is and will be a classic….

Samy_06 says:

woah it's already 4 years old , back in the days when a SD 600 clocked at 1.9 ghz sounded like overkill .

Bittu ldrago says:

why I am watching it in 2017

Technical Desk says:

subscribe me

William Logan says:

still using my s4 in 2016 I'm upgrading to the s6 next month

Fresh Cilantro says:

dang 2GB! this is gonna be my gaming phone

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