Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

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Buy Galaxy S5: – Josh reviews the Samsung Galaxy S5. Watch On!


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Radictor says:

I'm watching on S8 Xl lol.

Son Goku says:

it's cheaper now. is it worth to get?

cat. says:

I'm getting this phone tomorrow and ditching my iPhone 6. I'm excited!

Kyrie Irving says:

Who's watching this in 2017?

Ian Forward says:

who's here after the s8 launch

Pucking 08 says:

pleace give me a one a backdoor just backdoor for my samsung galaxy s5,because mine always broken somehow I do not know, really at my bro nothing durable if I wear thx my broo :'(

Flamer Boy 800 says:

im texting with one hand

Daniel Drago says:

Am I the only person who has burn in on the display of his S5 after having it so long…

Karen Helgeson says:

I have a galaxy sky and they are both good

Summer 091324 says:

I have the iPhone 5s, shattered screen and I want to switch my phone to this one but I don't know if I should. Should I switch?

ACE PB says:

Not broke but know how to keep my funds in my pocket. S7 is goign for like $600. I paid $75 for a nearly like new S5. 3/2/2017. RIP MOMS We Love you!!!!

MrRadwint19 says:

not so popular in the galaxy s series

Richard De Gannes says:

Which is better value for money? Samsung Galaxy S5, A5 2017 and or J7 2016? Your honest opinion will be greatly appreciated….Thanks.

Jaya Ganesh says:

Nyz revieww

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