Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

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Best deal on Galaxy S6 edge here! What does this curved variant have to offer over its flagship sibling and the other competition? We find out, in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review!

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Andrew Richardson says:

0:33 For Nice pun šŸ™‚ "Blown up" šŸ™‚

Great Videos says:

just see this guy's teeths eeeew so yellow

Crisha Correa says:

J7 Prime or S6 Edge?Pls reply.Thank šŸ˜‰

Julie Munro says:

What's that game called on 7:15

Dani- Adnan says:

amazing review.

Kajan Nathan says:

the iphone 4
the note 2
and the s6 edge phones were my favourite, Ive tested the latest and just cant justify em

Rick66 says:

Got the edge.I need a case.keep dropping it

I just have a channel To comment on videos says:

Should I get the Galaxy S6 edge or the note 5?? Please someone help me decide!!

Top Shottas Reviews says:

hello my friend,what quality does this play youtube videos?

Victoria Corashy says:

I have a problem with headphones and speaker can not read my voice or even hear my voice even if i want to do karaoke ,what can I do to enable

StealthKiller says:

Hey whats the best home screen layout?

Tubing Everything says:

does it have finger print

Jaemarlee Goin says:

no one has ever said that….

Rebirth Fire says:

Am I the only one with an s6 edge with a partly green tint on part of my screen?

Jim Moon says:

my twin just got this phone and I'm so jealous šŸ˜‚šŸ˜

SuperDboy4 says:

Background music doesn't really make sense?

majestic68 says:

is the screen gorilla?

majestic68 says:

best review ever

SUPERSS90 says:

My s4 still awesome… but if you guys like to send me a note 4 I'll take it..

MrVman202 says:

this phone is pricey . I'm getting this today and this will last a few years before I upgrade to a latest w.e Samsung phone that is available when I'm ready to upgrade.

Ra Fy says:

If i can't buy the S7 Edge (or S7): i sould buy the S6 Edge or an iPhone 6 Plus? (If i take the S6 edge i can buy an little ipad for my family at christmas)

Ali Chebaiki says:

it was really a fantastic phone I like it

Rene Villagran says:

s6 edge or s7?

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