Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

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Final verdict on Samsung’s curved-edge smartphone!

Galaxy S6 Edge (Unlocked):

Galaxy S6 Full Review:

First Impressions:

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Nasira Haq says:

you say that the 6edge and the 6 are the same thing but diffrent apperence….yeah thats true , but i think that the extra 100 dollars is worth it because the 6 is nice but the 6edge just looks much cooler and high tech. not only that but it looks like great conversation starter. B.T.W this is not a hate comment or enything like its just me expressing my opinion.😉

safat imtiaz says:

Since the s8 is out i can finally get this

Ridwan Juman says:

the first problem with the gripping of the screen ,I have a solution buy case!!!!

Royale with cheese says:

I have to say the phone looks stunning, like nothing else on the market, and the camera specs are amazing. But what was Samsung thinking making this phone 7mm thick with a paper thin battery? 7mm thin is harder to keep in hand, why not making it 8-9mm thick and put a real battery inside?

Carlos Morales says:

Look at this on eBay best price Samsung Galaxy 6 edge

I'm wasting My time says:

I'm getting the s6 edge because the s7 edge is just way to big for me

aichetou ahmeddamou says:

plus good take me one samsung s6 edge

flying high says:

Fuck expensive price fuck

tommy ng says:

I don't know if I should get iPhone 6+ or Samsung s6 edge I'm thinking of getting the s6 edge cause it's Battery and screen is great

Josh Brown says:

Should I trade my iPhone 6S for this? Been an iPhone guy my whole life but really not liking the constant charge on iPhones

Cps Inc says:

This FAGGOT is ready to dial his boyfriend so he can come over and fuck him in the ass @ 2:35!

85irocz28 says:

I bought 1 of these dirt cheap with a cracked screen and after I priced a screen I might keep the crack u can't hardly see it

Poo Brain says:

what android software is on the s6 edge

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