Samsung Galaxy S6 Long Term Review | Still Worth It?

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The Galaxy S6 is still one of the best phones on the market, even as we approach the launch of the Galaxy S7 around March 2016. A beautiful design, amazing camera and an overall lack of strong competition mean the S6 is still a highly recommended, flagship smartphone – especially now following recent price cuts.

So if you’re in the market for a new phone or you’re on the fence about the S6 – these are my long term impressions and overall review of the S6 having used it as my primary device since launch.

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Amaziinq says:

My S6 Battery died after 1 year and half…shit…

Clorox Bleach says:

Love my s6 I've got the topaz blue

M. SAEED says:

I have S6. it's great but battery die fast.

timbert27 says:

Worst phone ever

Youngster joey says:

In term of performance, galaxy s6 or iphone 5s?

Kristina Aakjær says:

I have this phone, it's great.
But the battery dies very fast!

김애태 says:

Aww. I wanted it to be 5.5", but hey, 5.1" is good, too. Is the Edge the same?


is good take your phone in your bag

kaka cech says:

Great phone I have it
but the battery dies fast

xblackcatx13 666 says:

I got one refurbished, in June 2016, for 300 bucks US. its in perfect condition. It runs great. im running 7.0. Man what a beautiful device. I have the saphire/black too. I really like this phone. I love the camera. My only really complaint is that it doesn't have expandable storage, especially the way I take pics with it.

The phone is beautiful, but I do have my phone in an otter box, (18 bucks on clearence, another perk of buying an older phone) I popped off that plastic screen protector and it's great. I think it feels better in an otter box, and I can actually enjoy the phone without constantly being petrified I'll drop it and break it. Thats a really big deal. I had a nice Moto X Pure that felt great to hold without a case and broke the screen twice due time drops. The phone stopped working, so I bought this when I saw, the deal on it.

So, this is my first Samsung ( I used to be an isheep) and I have to say I'm a Samsung fan now. i'll be looking forward to the S8's, although, I doubt I'll be able to spend the price they'll be charging for a new one.

But I really am a Samsung fan now. I love my S6.

Struggle Man says:

I have a samsung galaxy s3 and you are making a video about the s6 if its still worth it hahaha

sheldon white says:

I think I'm going to like this phone my plan is almost up I haven't even got to try this phone yet I know where in 2016 but I'll probably get the phone anyways Galaxy S6 I'll probably pick it up at Wind Mobile

Reuben Lee says:

Honestly I don't know why people get such bad battery life in the S6. I have been using it since it came out and I have always got between 4 and a half and just over 5 hours of screen on time so it always lasts me just more than a day.

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