Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 has arrived. Lots of big changes made to the new flagship, but will it be a worthy upgrade to its predecessor. Jack goes over the nitty gritty details.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Tsui (@NCIXJack)
Writer: Anthony Chow (@Thegreatchow)
Editor: Anthony Chow


Breia Armstrong says:

I just wanted to know if it has the remote option like the galaxy 4

B.A.D. Dickie says:

You folks should do an ingress bench test for phones.

Viki Nelums says:

I'm sold, although I do agree with MadBurrito x. Love Jack! ­čÖé

Aaron Graham says:

Hey,# Two Thumbs Us! kick labored What do you thnnk? !!

Brody Robertson says:


Nadir Rahman says:

I like samsung galaxy s6 cuz well I have it right now in my hand!­čśŐ

Phuc Cuong Ngo says:

Samsung just sucks

t-h-k Tokkuli says:

This is really good rewiew thank you for this

haijia wang says:

usefull review!

Neil Taylor says:

Worse phone I have ever owned. It's a laggy piece of crap that's always freezing. I wish I still had my htc one m8.

Clement Low says:

I still swap out batteries.

Actually, on my S4, I spent just $10 to buy a third party battery which had twice the capacity. the third party had to create a cover that made the phone twice as thick, but hey, for a phone twice as thick, I was able to use it for 14+ hours facebooking, net surfing, listening to music, and taking photos. the original battery would have died at 6-8.

alas this function is no longer available.

Thing is, i'd rather carry a heavier, bulkier phone around than to have to plug in a portable charger. those things are insanely cumbersome to have in your pocket while charging up your phone. not to mention, i've irreversibly damaged at least two wires trying to charge while having those in my pocket.

I couldn't really be bothered with SD cards, seriously, esp since you can plug thumbdrives into the micro USB. but here's my gripe about the whole thing: the 64GB version was SGD150 more expensive than the 32GB, and the 128GB version another SGD150 more. a 32GB SD card of the highest specs costs only about SGD50 or less, so even if samsung somehow put a SD card reader on the inside and plugged in a 32GB SD card, it shouldn't cost $150. but yet, to add 32GB of memory it costs us SDG150 more.

moreover, unlike computers, phones are where external or cloud storage becomes extremely impractical. unlike PCs, you're most likely to use a phone where there's no WiFi or Lan connection. and you use your phone's memory for 3 things, photos/videos, music and apps. you can't store apps on a removable flash drive or cloud, and it makes no sense to download or plug in a flash drive when you want to listen to music – you just want to click and play. And if you take photos/videos, you need to be able to store it long enough till it's uploaded to cloud. and you don't want to be uploading it by data because that can get expensive. Also, you want to be able to store a reasonable backlog of photos to show your friends.

With a limited storage amount, running out of space can be a huge pain in the ass – you need to delete stuff. or change to a phone with more storage space. With a SD card slot, you can simply just pay a small sum of money to buy a larger SD card. also, changing phones is less of a hassle – it may be as simple as storing memory like photos and stuff on the SD card, and then plugging it into the new phone.

TELUS/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated says:

Well done NCIX.  Enjoyed your video and I concur with your evaluation!

EwinsRobert says:

fucking bull sht about the battery I swapped out my s3 battery fucking 3 times in 1 year Samsung can lick my ass crack and cup my balls after I have just had a hot curry sht with out wiping

leddah briones says:

Free S6 hahaha pls

tetsuokenpachi says:

+NCIXcom Is it throttling as much, less or more than the S5. I had to root, flash a custom rom and a custom kernel to be able to run the CPU at 2.5ghz. In fact, I want to know if the S6 is throttling as much as all the other ios and android devices or if they managed to improve it by, lets say… let the phone get hot without locking your 2.5ghz CPU to 800mhz for absolutely no valid reason misleading people into thinking that they're phone is slowing down because of the operating system or because they have too many apps installed which is absolute bullshit.

Mango Steel says:

Is not water resistant and none of the people who are doing the reviews talk about that feature missing.

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