Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has taken everything we love about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and made it tougher, harder, cooler, and better for people with an ultra-active life. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is one of the best android phones of 2016, with one of the best smartphone cameras available, and it has a bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

This is our full video review of the AT&T exclusive device. For even more on this phone, we’ve got:

Our FULL written review:

Galaxy S7 Active specs:

Galaxy S7 Active unboxing:

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Ali Jadoon says:

good work man

Daimy 3000 says:

4:42 i love the part as hes tossing the phone over the water haha.

Enrico says:

yes it is good, but i still prefer my agm x1 sorry

lvangie83 says:

How do you take a screenshot?

You Tube viewer says:

That fat cunt could do with being a bit more active.

Razkatohv Veron says:

I hate AT&T.

Joseph Peterson says:

I bought this expensive phone, not even a month of use phone started to come apart….cheap phone Samsung customer service is the worst. not willing to refund or exchange…Apple has always gone out of way for me…guess were im going back to….I never buy another Samsung device….FYI dont us in water

Lee Trichell says:

I just got this phone two days ago. Not one to update a phone every time a new one arrives so I want something I hope will last a while and endure the mishaps that might happen like being dropped. I don't plan on putting it in water but it's nice to know it won't ruin the phone if dropped it in water. Didn't get it for the looks. Bigger than my last phone and am pleased with that. Nice to be away from iPhone for a change.

TheFillyFill says:

Nice man boob sweat! Lol

TexasVet72 says:

Does the Active have more AT&T bloatware than the standard S7/S7 Edge since it is an AT&T exclusive?

Gabriel Medina says:

Love the Pensacola background !

Tristan Forthe says:

essentially tosses phone in water

"for my money i wouldn't go dunking it in water"

literally skips phone like a god damn stone

tangsta35 says:

i gave thumbs up within the first 20 secs of the video because you used a wind filter, thank you!

Jordan Semmel says:

sd card still?

Jocelyn Hornback says:

This is the most honest and accurate review I've ever seen. 👏👏👏


What if the tide took it 🤔

NFG MOTO says:

is this a different version of the s7 active? I have the s6 active and the way you explain this device it's like you havnt seen the s6 active which is very similar to the s7 active in reference to camo, actual buttons on the front and such. I'm just curious, not trying to be negative.

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