Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge review

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The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge aren’t radically different from last year’s models. There are refinements and progressions on what was already a good product. That’s a good thing: the Galaxy S6 was a good phone and Samsung has done enough to make the Galaxy S7 a great phone.

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Are your headphones a jumbled mess when you pull them out of your bag? You don’t deserve that. Pro Tip with Dieter Bohn teaches you how to wrap your cables with ease:

The S7/S7 Edge and the LG G5 are potentially the two biggest Android phones of the year. We compared the two at Mobile World Congress 2016:


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Nirmala Dwivedi says:

very good video……..if I have to give score than you'll get 10/10 really wonderful video…bro

فيصل العنزي says:

These are the cut outs or to announce only the word of irrational I have a problem in the scratch and then caused the break of the use of child

Isaac Yocky says:

4:40 lol you will see what i mean

ofthesic0133 says:

amazing hardware, but god that software is an eyesore

Hazrat Hussin says:

i cant use in mx player in galary plz help me

Hazrat Hussin says:

please tell me how to use Mx player in galarry in s7 edge

Nabil Masri says:

hey verge video team where do you get your background music form ? can somebody else help ?

eduar ed says:

s6 design still more beautiful..this too thick

Spe cial says:

Samsung's edge screen is really useful. Its design looks great, and it has various features.

Taha Ejaz says:

Samsung still hangs😂😂

Darryle Lovilotte says:

love my edge

Gus April says:

Can you transfer old photos from my Droid Turbo to the Samsung S7 edge?

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