Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

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The edge returns once again, this time with a screen size bump over the original. Join us as we take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in this full review.

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Sky Walker says:

Since I lost my Iphone 5s hoping that someone could give me this S7 edge though there's a new S8 now. But it might be less now than the new one.

Cola Bels says:

who's here after Galaxy S8 announcement?

Jacques Gottleibenkov says:

And it's half an inch bigger than my penis

Tonmoy Banik says:

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Hannah Ruth says:

thanks that helped a lot 😊

Lucas Gomes says:

rabish fone always frizes rabish the worse fone l ever had alsways let me down last time l was driving my fone just stop working and l was stuck on motorway rabish rabish rabish

Lucas Gomes says:

telefone de merda uma droga vive travando esquenta e trava toda hora uma droga

Mk_00 Gamer-PRO-Tech says:

Does the s7 edge has 64gb version

DarkmatterSubSpac3 says:

gonna get this bad boy in few months!

Karan Shetty says:

he seems like raping …

Matheus Majer says:

Hi guys, I have a doubt you may be able to help me out with. I'm going to get a new phone (my old iPhone is not working anymore). So I'm really thinking about getting this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. My question is: is it possible to transfer all my contacts (I have them saved in my iCloud account) and my photos as well (again, stored in my iCloud acc) from Apple to Galaxy platform?

Will I be able to keep using iCloud to save my photos and access them in my mac? I mean, is there a way to install iCloud photos in the Galaxy phone?
If not, what do you guys recommend to me?

I know that it's possible to install Apple Music in a galaxy, however I don't know if the same applies to iCloud.

Thanks πŸ™‚

Onaghise Alexander says:

How wish i can get this phone, i will be so grateful

KD22 says:

3:31 whats wrong with this nails…thats shit is nasty!

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