Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review: Best android phone?

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Galaxy S7 Edge review: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a phone that impresses the second you pick it up, evoking feelings similar to those we experienced the first time we fondled HTC’s One M8, one of the best-looking phones on the market.

Where the ‘normal’ Galaxy S7 is far too similar to the previous year’s model, the S7 Edge takes a surprisingly successful smartphone in the S6 Edge and adds in some decent changes to make it worthy of the upgrade. Here’s our full review.


John Matteson says:

what did you double tap to open camera?

Cranges McBasketball says:

I feel that this is a worthy note to take. Samsung phones have no audio decoder support for AC3 and Dolby DTS. I love the functionality of their stock video player and would hate to use any third party, because they don't have these features and the UI look horrendous (VLC hint hint). I have had no issues playing videos with these codecs on my Xiaomi and Sony phones in the past.

Typical Hypebeast says:

He has a punchable face

Psycho Punk says:

Seen this cheap should I grab it?

Dhananjai Kapur says:

iphome 7 is more expensive than it y dnt we talk about that

Steyr001 says:

Your thumb is longer than my index finger.

parth tewari says:

i switched from an iPhone 6s to S7 edge.
I was a hard core iPhone user.

People now ask me.."can i hold your phone",say "it is beautiful".It has tons of features.

only disadvantage i felt is the app quality is 19-20 if compared to iPhone & you also have to make sacrifice of true to eye image colours.

Chuck Norris says:

should i upgrade to s7 or just wait for s8

Kdog3022 says:

I didnt like the "that doesnt make it feel as expensive".But otherwise great review!

Diego Moreno says:

it does actually support 2tb micro sd cards but they dont exist

JWZ44 says:

if u do read comments , kys

DzekoVelez says:

guess im buying this instead of the new shitty iphone

Jhonathan Luiz Souza says:

which Android phone is this?

tøp says:

what happens if I charge it using a wireless charger at the same time as a wire charger? Will it charge fast af?

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