Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

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PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – a new flagship-grade smartphone featuring Samsung’s fancy curved-screen technology. The Galaxy S7 edge has a larger screen than the ordinary S7, as well as a unique software feature called Edge UX. Aside from these, the S7 edge is pretty much identical to the Galaxy S7, but its futuristic appeal might prove to be likable enough in order to elevate the edge above its more conservative sibling.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review:
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chasity williams says:

I just got this fone. I love it so far

Rocky J says:

Bought the iPhone 7 plus Monday and returning it to get this I haven't had a iPhone in year i remember why they're so plain they're all the same

Kevin Karnoto says:

Ive been using samsung for 4 past year and now im using galaxy s5, but really im cant decide between upgrade my s5 to s7 edge or wait and try s8. Please help me thanks

j sikky says:

BlackBerry Priv or Samsung s7 edge???

ProLife says:

it's too slow after one month.

Gmail bugti says:

kamat katna ha

darth vader says:

this phone just destroyed my old phone

Spanish Blog says:

2:26 read about hundreds of people who have cracked camera glass through just leaving it sat on the table. Samsung isn't doing so well with the Note 7 and now a s7 edge that has a camera glass fault from manufacturing negligence and as usual blame the customer…tut tut Samsung people are catching on to your game…..

Randolf Tolentino says:

xperia xz can beat this in RIP

ElDuderino502 says:

Crapple products are horrible and over-priced. I ordered an S7 edge yesterday. They're on back-order from Republic, so it will be a couple weeks before I get it, but I'm looking forward to it. It will be nice to have decent internal storage, as my current POS can't put everything on the SD, yet only have 1G of onboard storage. This one has MUCH nicer camera too.

Different says:

I'm watching this on my shitty laptop cuz this is gonna replace it!

Kashif Kashif says:

phone arena please help me should I buy s7 edge now in 2017 or wait for the LG g6

Wesley_ Media says:

my s7 edge keeps like pausing while I watch YouTube! an in other apps it doesn't do that and it's not my Internet because all my other devices don't do that do u know why

BlueNation09 says:

Is it worth it than iPhone 6s Plus?

TheGreatOrochi sweg says:

is it worth updating from iphone 5

Rahjan B says:

I'd rather have an iPhone rather than risk third degree burns with this cheap battery price of shit

Saja Hader says:

i will buy a phone this week but i cant choose between iphone 7 plus and galaxy s7 edge …. please help me

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