Samsung Galaxy S7 Review [2017]

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We all do it: a hot new smartphone like the Galaxy S8 drops, and we’re in love – until we see the price tag. Then we start thinking, “well, how bad would it be if I got last year’s model instead?” The good news: the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are still outstanding smartphones worthy of a long look, especially once they get discounted following the Galaxy S8 release. The better news: there are other, still-cheaper smartphones out there worth a look as well. The bad news: neither of these options will get you a Galaxy S8. Check out MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review for 2017, and stay tuned for the Galaxy S8 review coming soon!



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MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review 2017 was produced following ten months with a Galaxy S7 review device and five months with a Galaxy S7 edge review device, one a Galaxy S7 retail device purchased by Mobile Nations and the other a Galaxy S7 edge review device on loan from Samsung. The devices received several updates over the course of their lifetimes and were tested on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in Greater Boston and beyond.


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Galaxy S7 Review [Android Central]:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

““Overflowing” by Score Squad, available at Premium Beat:



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MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

[CORRECTION] I'm getting reports that you can indeed launch the camera with a home-key double-click on the S8. This did not work on a few demo devices at the media briefing and I couldn't find any setting to enable it, but it's entirely possible I just missed it. Sorry if so!

Avneet kumar says:

can you review Samsung j7 prime released just last year

Anish Kat says:

what is a trustworthy link to buy the s7 edge

Jason A says:

What's up Mr. Mobile. I just got the ice T-Mobile LG G6. And I'm from Boston my hole life. I subscribed about a month ago. Good to see someone from Boston. Well I'm​ kinda pissed with T-Mobile. I specifically ordered to accessories and T-Mobile cannot get that right. Everything was wrong and I made 4 calls to them before I became satisfied. But I'm on my own with accessories which probably ain't a bad thing since I can use Amazon and not pay there super high prices for accessories. Also T-Mobile said you guy's on here don't know shit.. They have the wrong information about the LG G6. They think the phone has the regular charger which I got as an extra. It don't work LG G6 type C T-Mobile.

Thorn Griffith says:

my note 5 is still a beast 👊

Tim Peeters says:

Right now, the S7 has the same price as the LG G6 on T-Mobile Netherlands. Anyone with a solid buying advice?

VentusMaster says:

tldw; s7 is still great device for significantly less price

David Thomas says:

After the Buzz Lives on!

Dhika Wikibi says:

I never had Samsung because of pricey phone, stupid plastic, and other lack of features. Though I bought secondhand note3 after I lost my main phone but then I rapidly replace it with s7 edge, the most satisfying phone all I ever had. s7/s7e is just everything we need in a smartphone

Just Passing Through says:

Hey does anyone know what office chair Michael uses in his videos?

cheeriomartinez says:

but…the s8 isn't even available for us yet… lol so why talk about the S7 like as if it's a decade old.

Chris S says:

The S7 Edge is $696 at Verizon, the S8 $720. For $24 bucks, I'd probably go ahead with the S8. The S7 is $576. I just bought that phone for my son. It's an Excellent phone, and not off my radar for my own phone. However, if you are Verizon and in the market for new hardware, the G6 is just $672. Sure, no AMOLED display, but a lot of phone for the money. If the S8 was $820, I'd say definitely consider the S7's.

mundo472 says:

very useful, Michael. have you compared the screens of the s7/e and the 8? wondering if, other than size, if there are any differences. Heard they are using rgb on the 8. thanks!

sivaji raaj says:

can you do a review re do on nokia 1520 with the anniversary update. how it stack ups against the newer phones??

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