Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 might be Samsung’s perfected smartphone. But is it the perfect smartphone?

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    My review of the S7(if ure considering) The S7 is a remarkeble phone in terms of the design and performance. An addition to the strong point 1 year later is the release of 7.0 which brings a much better sofrware experience that is butter smooth while looking surprisingly great. The performance of the phone is amazing, pretty much handles anything like a piece of cake and uyou wont notice much of the difference in the S8 only having incremental performance improvements. The camera is the same as the S8 which is awesome and pretty much competes at the top with other phones with great cameras including the pixel and iphone 7. 1 thing to note though is that upgrading to android N caused my battery to drain alot(from 5hrsSOT to 4.5hrsSOT) so do keep in mind when deciding to upgrade. All models of the S7 comes with a microSD slot and have IP68 water and dust resistance which is a great plus. Other than the huge design change of the phone, theres nothing else ground breaking enough to convince me to upgrade to the S8(which is good because this thier first major design change since the s6 and the s7 had a better design after receiving feedback so this scenario will prob happen again) and thud i think that its a good buy if you can get it $150 cheaper than the list price.
    S7 with Android L 8.5/10
    S7 with Android N 9 /10

  • Noor Hussain786

    I want to convert G930v to G930f. is it harmful to change firmware ? will it make any damage to my device ? or will it make my device slow ? please answer it and help me

  • tdreamgmail

    Anyone buying the S7 instead of the S8

  • PivotShorts

    Is it still worth picking up for aprox $500?

  • David Becerra

    Man, do I want this phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it's a really good phone, but I don't have the new update, it gets very Laggy sometimes, it gets REALLY hot and it burns my skin, and the battery life is horrible. So if I were to switch to this phone, things would be soooo much better.

  • Brandon Luu

    it has wireless charging right?

  • syed firdaus

    Oh yah in case you come across this vid, just letting you know that the theres also the review of the Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Blu Cloudz

    HELP! I'm either so damn dumb or I just don't know what to do. I got my new Samsung s7 yesterday and whenever I go outside and try to get on Instagram or something there's no connection. I know there's no WiFi connected but I'm just so new to this. I swithced to iPhone to Samsung please help

  • George Salcedo

    I hated Samsung for awhile but they make great phones now. Have nougat on my S7 and it's pretty good, only thing I don't like is some apps still force close on me once in a while.

  • ItzAzuroZ

    Should I get a s6 edge plus 64 gb or s7 32 gb

  • Black Goku

    My galaxy s6 broke so I wanna upgrade to 7. 8 is 800 bucks

  • RemixerRiolu

    its 375 on gamestop

  • Chlo bo

    just got this

  • Keith Petersen

    I may buy an S7, but does anyone ever test how well a phone receives a clear signal in marginal areas? I've had good and bad, and wish I could know ahead of time.

  • Jacob Buchanan

    How bad is the battery life?

  • SlyCooper494 Gaming


  • ventende

    Can't change battery? WTF!? Almost pitch dark screen with 40% brightness? Forget it. I'm sticking to my S4 as that is obviously better on both flexibility and ease of use. That's what counts.

  • Moon Fruit

    "one of the most accessible handling phones"

  • nThor Espiritu

    To Samsung, pls update the S Voice of Galaxy S7/ S7 edge Android7 Nougat to Bixby.

  • red square

    Is it only me or all the Galaxys SX always seem to be a little laggy? They say the performance is great, but I aways get the impression they fail sometimes. Take a look from 1:30 on. Or 2:46. I'm like "Isn't this a flagship? Is it really reasonable that it just lags sometime?". I don't see my 2014 Nexus 5 do anything like that.

  • Kingwilson 92

    Which watch are you wearing?

  • ModdedMorticia

    Just ordered one last week, so I'm glad I saw this!

  • NCR Veteran Ranger

    witch surbis duz samson galizi sven use?

  • Michael Parker

    Is it just my imagination or does the S7 feel a lot heavier than the S5, and I mean more than just the 5g extra that it is?

  • Blain Polishak

    just ordered a s7 cant wait untill it comes

  • Osher Cohen

    Nice Review!

  • Pakistan Force

    All s7 get android n

  • Minecraft

    the screen brightness is because of the 6.0.1 marshmallow

  • nThor Espiritu

    Now my Samsung Galaxy S7 has been updated to Android7 Nougat, It looks like I am using a smaller Note 7 except the Spen and the eye scanner.