Samsung Galaxy S7 Review!

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Galaxy S7: Samsung’s Android flagship for 2016!

dbrand Galaxy S7 Skins:

GS7 First Impressions:
Galaxy S7 Edge Flaws:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



celest simmons says:

ive been debating for awhile now…i think im sold, coming from a S5 user πŸ™‚

Nuh Satrio Prabu Pamungkas says:

this phone worth it now ?

J.W. Embry says:

Thanks Marques, really good info sir!!

mo101epic says:

Am I the only one who would prefer upgraded speakers over waterproofing? I'm pretty careful with my tech near water anyway.

1270tech says:

Is it a tradition now to start Samsung reviews with a backpack shot? πŸ˜…

ali j says:

just got mine. the width and weight is a bit change from my note 4. still love itπŸ˜†

Mosqui7o2 says:

any success on monthly security updates?

IHaveAConfession ToMake says:

May 2017 Here wondering if i can afford it now.


I'm getting this phone tomorrow

Tristan Jacob says:

Would it be smart to upgrade from my 6s to the S7 for more storage and being in budget?

Discovering Germany says:

I ditched my iPhone 6+ for this phone… love it. πŸ™‚

Marvin Galvez says:

S7 flat or Asus Zenfone 3 ze520kl? Your thoughts?

let's begin gaming says:

lol how do you get 5 hours sot.i get 3 hrs sot watching YouTube lol

Nick Winn says:

what kind of theme do you use?

Aqtive says:

should i get this or the OnePlus3T

Designs By Sher says:

I hate the new up dates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has changed everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant fix it to go back the way it was!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been getting hot from day one. They sent me another one about a month ago and now it has updated and it gets hot too!!!!!!!!!

ReOn CUBES says:

very good review great background

xblackcatx13 666 says:

I'm getting this thing in two days, but from the vids I've watched, in not impressed with the overexposed pics. I wish my s6 didn't break…I think I that camera was better.

Why the hell would you put a skin on this beautiful glass phone? I can see a clear case for sure, but not a skin, that's a sin.

TheGoldenlegend1 says:

watching this from samsung galaxy s2 that's lasted with me six years and still going good.
this or note 5?

danner cueva says:

its adreno 530.. not 430

Ivan Tocakovic says:

Is it still good choise?

DNF rox says:

Poor Build Quality in this phone.. i watched lot of drop tests ….

rahh hoo says:


Marwan Kanaan says:

I'm about to switch from an iPhone 6s 16Go to this one…seems fair.

Samuel v says:

Hey can I ask a question I know s8 is out now and all but which phone do you prefer the S7 edge or iPhone 7

Cory Tyler says:

Have the iPhone 6 right now. Wish I had gotten the s6 tho

Master Game says:

pinche nariz de Chile relleno, nariz de gancho jajajaja

Ayman Osman says:

just got the s7 edge blue coral and I love it 😍

The6funny says:

its an s6 with bigger battery and waterproof …meh

Fernando Cabrera says:

u said samsungs buttons where ugly on s8 review

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