Samsung Galaxy S7 Review – A thing of beauty!

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 the pinnacle of smartphones? And not just now, but for the foreseeable future?

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Ethan Chua says:

"You finally got me Samsung" Translation: You finally paid me enough money Samsung.

GamerDares Wins says:

Crapple is dead. give it up iphone fanboys.

This Little Nephilim says:

I just got the Samsung Galaxy A5 [came out two weeks ago where I live] I've always used Samsung's


삼성은 위대하다! 😀

AndroidGeek [Brendon Horseman] says:

LinusTechTips – how did you figure out what sensor was on your unit? I live in Canada as well, but am unsure how to find out which camera sensor is on my S7.

mmardavao says:

Yeah when i check in an airport got problem with s7

Everything Reviewer says:

I bought an s7, but I had the bad luck of getting a unit with a faulty battery, I had it repaired by Samsung but it still smells like burnt plastic after a few minutes of what's frigging app I mean Fuck. I hope that the brand new unit they give me tomorrow has a normal battery!!!!

Ayy Lmao says:

I'm trying to switch from my iPhone to this beautiful device. The camera, hardware, and even looks of the S7 Edge blow away any IOS device I've used in the last several years.

정우재 says:

no more capacitive keys on the s8,gratz. now you will have on screen buttons on a powerful high end premium device

Alan Chen says:

I can see why Linus gets so many sponsorships, if he likes a product he always gives a flying colours review, and if he doesn't, he still somehow manages to put it into a positive light, such as highlighting what little they did right. This is a general comment on his videos, not specifically this one.

Santiago HD says:

S7 is my favorite phone

Linked Devices says:

You can safely grip about 60 percent of the chin of the device. That's why there's a wide home button and the capacitive buttons don't trigger unless you actually tap on the icons. The entire space in between is sage to grip.

Linked Devices says:

It takes pictures almost as fast as the camera app itself loads? That can't be right.

Henning Gu says:

I want his internet speeds!

Jordan Lee says:

i wanjt this

Cyka Blyat says:

This phone looks perfect but as someone who listens to a lot of music I really want a phone without a headphone jack, so the new IPhone it is.

Paranova says:

great video!

Jason Vermaak says:

just got the s7 edge

Jfunkey says:

Greetings from the FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUTTTTTTTUUURRRREEEE!!!!!!! LOLing at Vessel in this vid.

TheLastNation says:

Samsung is WAYY better than apple Samsung is not just a electronics company

polityka nazw says:

So, how's it explodeability so far?

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