Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Phone to Beat

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Samsung’s latest flagship looks to be the top Android phone to beat this year. Here is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7.
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Galaxy S7 Edge Water Test:
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martijnG70 says:

one of the best reviews ive seen sofar

Sebastián Rojas Rodríguez says:

Good review man! I have the S7 and everything you said is true. I'm still amazed at what an excellent phone this is in every sense. It's just perfect 😀

jānis kokmanis says:

please do a galaxy s7 edge and iphone 6s comparising. do it like speed test. I hope your channel will grow big!

bushyconn says:

One important thing you didn't cover, is, what is the sound like through ear buds or speakers. There are many occasions where the use of the built in speaker is frowned upon, and the use of earbuds encouraged>

Syed Faizan says:

Really But Nomu Mobile S30 with MTK6755 octa-core, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and
IP68 is much cheaper than this. No Need to Sell Your Kidney LOL

clorox bleach says:

does this fone overheat alot??

NJ K says:

My dad put me on a 2 yr contract with bell, 🙁 oh well, probably will wait till the phone is almost paid off, then i will ask them to unlock it, its a 50 doller fee, cancell my service then the phone is all mine! and i can use it with the service and plan i wanted to from the behlgining, put it on prepaid. In the meantime i suppose the good thing about it is if something happens to the phone i can get it replaced by the company im stuck with for a while. Also, im happy my dad is taking care of my bills..

NJ K says:

Oh cool! it lights up when u remove the SD card.. 🤓

Joe Zhang says:

My s7 only gets up to 3 hours of screen on time

Emre A says:

which slickwraps skin do you use in this video?

Sam Previtera says:

why has samsung removed the infared (IR Blaster ) from the current phones.

ryan_campbell 2002 says:

has your fingerprint reader scratched yet .. you can check if you look at it under a bright light

ryan_campbell 2002 says:

fresh trim 😉

Manoj Nair says:

can you do a video on the dual sim functionality?

Rock 'nfn' Roll says:

Another great review. Thank you Tim for always taking the time to give us such detailed information about the products you review. I watch A LOT of videos on mobile phones and I find yours to be some of the most informative. I am absolutely shocked that you don't get the views that some of the other reviewer's get. Keep on working at it man.

Nikita Kaminskyy says:

That SlickWrap skin looks gorgeous! Just ordered one for my S7 Edge

Herbz808 says:

Really wanna get it

Dead Pool says:

Thinking of leaving my beloved iPhone! Is the s7 worth my money?! HELP!!

Felicia108 says:

LOVE your cover for the phone – what is it called?!

Omar Vilchez says:

This guy deserves more subscribers and views because he goes through the whole software experience unlike some of the more popular reviewers. Great review

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