Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: The Second Best Looking Phone on the Planet!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are the latest smartphones from Samsung. They are an iterative but important improvement over lasts years Galaxy S6. Here’s my full review on one of the best smartphones you can buy today! This is the model with the Exynos 8890 processor.

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Parrish Thomas says:

"I feel like the display God's robbed me" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Claudia Bailey says:

I get your point about Samsung software but you don't know if anyone uses it or not. People that don't comment on tech sites I am guessing will use the Samsung browser and maybe not be aware of Chrome or that they can replace their browser. In my office, its an even split between Samsung users and iPhone user and some of my friends love S health

Sriracha says:

i turned off my video stabilization and it feels like its better that way

Sriracha says:

s7 edge is not even thick

Imran Kinariwala says:

s7 or lg g5??? plz suggest..

Robert Rosejr says:

I have a HTC desire eye. Which is a water,and dust proof phone. With dual front facing HTC boom sound speakers. Come on companies like samsung. With your speaker technology.

George Eagle says:

love everything about my s7. my only gripe is its slippery as a bar of soap. nothing a protective cover can't fix.

Donovan Canales says:

bro u think u can give me a free galaxy s7 I'll get u 3o subs

Donovan Canales says:

really ?? that's awesome

Donovan Canales says:

U look like deadpool

Syed Faizan says:

But Nomu Mobile S30 with MTK6755 octa-core, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and
IP68 is much cheaper than this. No Need to Sell Your Kidney LOL

Tube Matrix says:

I gave you a thumbs up for not saying Peace at the end.

nor s says:

Hi Matthew, I just have a quick question for you about the Samsung S7. I am bored with the iPhone and want to get something new like S7 but I'm not sure whether S7 is still worth to buy now or I should wait until next year for the new model. Thank you.

Edis Djerlek says:

I bought an s7 for super cheap before realizing I ended up with the SD820 model. Am I screwed?

adebayo popoola says:

wait so he complained about the phone being water-resistant because of the speaker?

Gregory Shackelford says:

why does the phone get hot when your charging it? but overall the phone is very classy looks classy just don't drop it

Gregory Shackelford says:

I have one and its the best phone I've ever purchase

tybittz k says:

I used a different charger on my s7 for awhile because i misplaced my original one. Now my battery life seems to be getting maybe almost 9 hours on heavy use during a charge. Anyone know what I did?

Adam D says:

Nah the second best looking phone on the planet is the S6 Edge Plus.

The Savagery Plankton says:

I never really got the point of wireless charging. Is it for those who are too lazy to plug in their chargers?

Drawith Vidko says:

Which is the first best looking phone on the planet?

Johnny Sins says:

Can i get the WP please?

John Miller says:

The Samsung Browser is much faster than both Chrome as well as Firefox as it is greatly optimized for better performance. Multi Window is also a great feature missing from a slew of other devices. Touchwiz is not bad at all for higher end devices and i don't get why everyone drools so much for stock android but again, thats my prefernce.

Vimalan Paul R says:

I use the samsungs browser, it's not to say better than chrome. but I read somewhere that it is streamlined for samsung phones, so i started using it and ive got used to it now.

Tapu Koko says:

I don't like Samsung's apps too, and TouchWiz isn't the greatest I admit, but to be honest, for me, stock Android look is way more uglier. Every icon, and aeverything else is the same on every phone. I personally don't like that.

Th33Vultur3 says:

The phone is a beast. Have it on Onyx Black on Verizon

Silverripples says:

Love TouchWiz and the Physical buttons, all the add ons make sense and are helpful.

Divit Sood says:

This guys looks like Sebastian Ingrosso !

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