Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ review english 4k

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Our review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ – we check if Samsungs new flagship is worth to pay for. (affiliate link)

be sure to follow for more videos of the Galaxy S8 and give a thumbs up, if the english wasn’t too bad at all 😉 thanks



Tamamohimẽ says:

great review, thumbs up

chris_ceee says:

7 iSheep so far…

Joel Teixeira says:

kudos, great job.

Denizonal88 says:

Good review👍

Alex Sydenham says:

thumbs up if you cant wait to get your s8 tomorrow

itsdannyftw says:

Excellent in-depth review… finally!!!

shinerbock100 says:

Got my s8+ today and am happy with it. It's does not feel big in my hand and the overall design is awesome. Got everything transfer from my old phone without any problems now waiting on my free VR and controller.

Ch Mu says:

Thank you SO much for making this. I love the end of the video when you started going through the settings and stuff. I was really worried about the always on display (I'm going from iPhone 6 to Galaxy s8+)
I'm glad you can turn it off!

SStech says:

please please remkve that intro song it's anoying please do it

EBossHoss says:

Lars you are the best reviewer I have seen…thank you for your easy to follow, and concise reviews.

Darren Gaylor says:

Thanks for the review. Very informative.

njf says:

Why is the background colour of the homescreens different between the S8 and the S8+?

Francisco Cruz says:

Great review! !! Try saying capable ( caipable and not capaible ) 🙂

chris perez says:

who's watching this in 2020 on your S8?

Chacko says:

Wenn ne deutsche Kartoffel versucht in american english Akzent zu reden 😜

Norman Mont says:

Nice "AH-KEH-GEE" earbuds.

Geburah Silberwolf says:

Hi !
What kind of Sd card is used ? Uhs I or Uhs II ? Cant find this Info anywhere !

Thanks very good Video !

MrIchikun21 says:

should I get S7 or S8? I have A5 2016 actually.

Richard Sherrington says:

Wish you'd add the Gear VR in English. Also the battery tests.

Richard Sherrington says:

Great review. The best.

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