Samsung Galaxy S8 – Full Review! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Review. The Galaxy S8 is finally here and its time to do a full review featuring everything you need to know. Should you upgrade? Is it worth buying. Lets find out.

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  • Siddhart Sharma

    Tu pakistani hai ?

  • Francisco Rodríguez

    I currently have a shitty failing iphone 6, can't wait to get this.


    wait.. is the slo-mo better than the S7 @ least?

  • Nessie B

    is 1440 4K?


    i don't really like the way the phone looks from the back.. but looks aren't really all that important to me.. the performance is though 😁😁 can't wait to try the s8😄😄😄 also.. i feel like it's too long..haha.. i'm not a fan of large phones.. i think the s7 is a perfect size. at least for me.

  • Faraz Hassan Syed

    why does your location say Lahore

  • Miguel Diaz

    watching this on my iphone 3gs

  • Daddy __

    what about Bixby, you didn't really cover what it does

  • dimitrios007

    what is antutu benchmark?

  • Erick Grant

    I think I speak for everyone PLEASE STOP SAYING HD, 4K, or any resolution in the title unless you are talking about that resolution

  • vbsurferr

    it's not the same camera sensor

  • zzzlt

    can you look if this thing has fm radio?

  • davemteezy

    beautiful phone with shit software….

  • tredstone

    Haha. Scans a iPhone using bixby and gets toilet paper in the results. Bixby no like apple

  • Amr moro

    Kinda sponsered by samsung😂

  • Luis Tavarez

    Should I wait for the Note 8 or just get the Galaxy s8 now. Please give me some advice guys. Thank you

  • Troy Nguyen

    "Yes Indian man. Of course we can give you an early unit to review.
    But if you don't rave about it, we'll chop off your testicles".

  • Martin Hawrylkiewicz

    Saw S8 at Best Buy, compared with my trusty S7 Edge….left the store disappointed.