Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-on Review: Simply Stunning

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Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on review: We’ve gone hands-on with the Galaxy S8 flagship phone for this first look review, taking a close look at Samsung’s updated camera tech, Quad HD+ screen, sleek design work and more.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a mighty 5.8-inch mobile, boasting a surprisingly slimline finish despite that large display. You get a 12-megapixel camera with f/1.7 aperture lens and Dual Pixel focus technology, for great-looking everyday snaps. And with support for Bixby AI as well as Gear VR, the S8 is as smart as it is sexy.

After our hands-on Galaxy S8 review, check out our S8 and S8 Plus comparison reviews with the biggest phones like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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Arsh Singh says:

this phone is futuristic, apple is going to need alot more than courage to match this beast

youdarkraver says:

Although mastered video, I see 67% and 57% occasionaly, being a 8 min video, I give it max 15-20 min of usage for this review…. So 10% gone in 15-20 min…. So about 3-3.5 hr SoT max….Good work Samsung

Omar96valles says:

Does the S8 have a front flash?

Kingz Leez says:

doesn't looks like a Samsung no more!

MightyVox1 says:

Lol Samsung deliberately put fingerprint scanner next to camera to make it less comfortable than using retina scanner, so they can remove fingerprint scanner on future phones. Reviewers think fingerprint scanner is good.

xxp peng says:

Samsung bomb 8

flip c rhey says:

wirh that high resolution screen 3000 battery 🔋 im not xcited with s8… im expecting more…maybe thats me….

watcharapon srikun says:

I don't think moving the home button to the back is a great idea, it's too close to the camera, making it even more easy to get dirty. Sure this video is sponsored.

Adrian Tollis says:

How does the speaker sound? I cant find anyone talking about it.

Tentacular says:

Wait a minute, Holly Willoughboobies got cut from that show?! shit, this is worse than Brexit

Tentacular says:

Thumbs up for answering that screen size question, which i hadn't even thought about but might have wondered about eventually, lol.

TomUK7 says:

No logo on the front. Thumbs up.

mmj says:

Samsung should've gone with a camera upgrade too to crush the competition …. more likely a zoom lens setup like ip7+ would've been a good idea or a wide angle setup like g6 or even better a 1/2" sensor with higher megapixel count with even wider aperture of
f/1.4 …. bcoz after few months the cosmetics don't impress anymore but 'the camera'

subham kumar dey says:

the design is simply stunning, true eye catcher but definitely not practical..
s8 one of the phone of 2017 but look like xz premium is better than this!

Ezekielo Tech Vlogs says:

The fingerprint scanner moved to the back is pretty awkward. coupled with the fact that its rectangular

james bond says:

does this take sd card?

Billzloveschelsea says:

Sorry Samsung but I'm a note fan and I'm waiting for the note 8

I still have my note 3 and have been waiting and watching Samsung improve in technology with new features, softwares etc.

Marcel Wolke says:

apple fanboys be like "looks like an iPhone!"

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