Samsung Galaxy S8 hands on review

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We’ve got hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and its larger plus model, and while it might have lost the edge from its name, it’s still very much visible in the design. Here is our hands on review.

The amount of S8 leaks we’ve seen are staggering, both in their volume and accuracy, but they don’t tell the whole story about a phone that’s certain to be at the top (or very near the summit) of most ‘best phone’ lists this year.

The Infinity Display is the headline feature of this handset – while it’s not all screen, it’s as close as can be. Samsung has also been very intelligent in the way it’s got around the loss of the front-facing home screen button, managing to make the handset usable without requiring the mechanical key on the front of the Galaxy S8.

That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect phone though. The lack of significant camera upgrades and the user interface will irk some, but that shouldn’t detract from what is a hugely impressive effort from Samsung.


TheMetalButt says:

All he said was the specs
I want a legit review

Jar Jar Elon says:

Don't like it

Abu Asma says:

Am happy with my iPhone se every year phone coming out , madness atleast make it every 2 years so we are bored of are old ones, hard to keep up

David says:

Also i can see wifi witeless charging happening . A charging pod with at least 50 feet range from phone charging while using and most of the country having charging stations in pubs bars resturants cafes libraries etc like we have free wifi hotspots its only a mattr of time .

David says:

But the future is bright bigger battery mah better design i can see in next 3 years phones last fur 3 days and with dash charge and quick charge you be able to fully charge you phone in 15 mins

David says:

So asically i think the s8 and 8 plus will now offically make the note 8 not popular as note 8 will have same specs same screen design vsame overall design .only difference is a stylus pen .

james guest says:

I need physical home button and I don't like the location of the finger print scanner. The iris scanner is pointless, turn off the lights and the idea is useless

Simon J says:

nothing to get excited about! what does it actually do that smartphones hasn't been able to do for several years all ready? it just seems like a waste if you have a working phone. I will keep using my note 4 and I will probably be able to get the latest features from note 8!

yodalucky7 says:

If you don't have a lot of the information then why even do a review? Plus raise your volume so we can hear you. The higher price is NOT worth it. These manufacturers are making buku money and make up that the tech is reason they raise the price. But their sales out does the cost of tech. So people I would hold off on it until they lower the price or get a cheaper price S7. Protest the prices America!! Boycott Samsung for lower prices and the rest of the industry. Not only that we want replaceable batteries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curry Chicken says:

the galaxy note 8 will support 1TB storage ( not trolling with that, it would be nice)

Curry Chicken says:

of all the things Samsung has done, i wonder how come they never made video game consoles? interesting how they'd compare to sony

steve m says:

it is both a great phone, but very underwhelming at the same time. i was set on one of these to replace my S6 edge+, but now i'll pass.

philddlesticks says:

Will S Pen work with it? or do I need to wait for the Note 8?

Blxzers says:

can somebody please tell me how the battery life is after quad HD is turned on? thanks!

Talon Marshall says:

So the S8 and S8+ Are going 5.8 and 6.2 inches respectively. Meaning the Note will be what? 6.4/6.5 inch display? Bold. I've got big hands so I like it. But that S8 would probably need a case or else my hand would probably roll over the sides. Hell my 5.5 inch G plus does that if I don't have a case on it with a semi-decent amount of Bezel. I don't know though. You pretty much guarantee everyone looking for a small phone is going to go to Apple now with 4 and 4.7 inch options even when you cut down bezels that hard.

Angus Davidson says:

Not sure about this review. No test shots shown, no mention on battery life or real life performance. Nothing about how it plays with games. I felt this was a rushed review which is a shame because it's a great phone and has alot of improvements over the S7 edge.

Jon Wall says:

I had the galaxy note 7, then had to downgrade to the S7 edge. Its going to stink that I won't be able to upgrade to the S8+ or Note 8…. I only have 20% of s7 edge on Verizon Edge payments made.

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