Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On: The Infinity Phone

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“How do we leverage intelligence to do something productive and helpful?” That’s the question Samsung put to itself when designing the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and the result is a device that has the potential to become the best smartphone of 2017. Compared to its forerunners, the Galaxy S8 shows you more, listens better … and even plays computer. Join MrMobile for more first impressions in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On / Galaxy S8+ Hands-On, and stay tuned for the Galaxy S8 Review coming soon!



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MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On/Galaxy S8+ Hands-On was produced following an hour-long hands-on session with a Galaxy S8 review device and a Galaxy S8+ review device at a media briefing hosted by Samsung. The devices were running preproduction software and the Galaxy S8 Hands-On contains no final purchase verdict (which will arrive with the full Galaxy S8 review later in the season).


Testing on a newer review device shows the main sensor to be an IMX333, not the same sensor as last year’s (as I was told it was by Samsung in the initial briefing). More on this in the full review. (Thanks to Sammobile for the initial reporting on this.)


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Keith Aquino says:

Ed Sheehan made shape of you because of this phone

Hitanler Somapala says:

Pin a Correction : it has Different Camera Sensors ,Yes they are dual pixel 12.2mp , and yes they do come in two different modules, an ISOCELL and a SONY , ISOCELL sensor is a new & an improved version of the previous sensor , SONY sensor is an IMX333 where last year sensor was IMX240. Thank You

polofunk says:

Great review I see Microsoft is selling a Microsoft edition of the Samsung Galaxy s8

Nathan Bullock says:

I'm worried about the battery, not that it may explode, but that it may not keep up with the competition in run times, and as someone who's had to carry an Anker battery everywhere after losing half of my S6's already unexceptional battery life thanks to a rising tide at the beach, I REALLY care about having a better battery

ventende says:

The curved screen is one silly gimmick. Totally ruins it for me.

RGB says:

Mike how do you not get fingerprints on phones at all?

DarkJackal1223 says:

I preordered the S8 plus the same day preorders opened up sadly.  Wasn't planning to but since I could get the S8 for half the price with my current phone or the plus for 460 I decided since I swapped to Verizon (for the unlimited data with family from straighttalk) recently why not get a new phone.  Just hope it will be a great phone.

Kenny Lilipaly says:

i tought i had a big phone with a small battery butt i guess i was wrong

anthony brazzle says:

No…It Shouldn't….It Really Shouldn't…

M. Arbah Binamin says:

Not a big Samsung fan, but, since the S6, Samsung has produced really beautiful phones. Not even gonna buy one, but, still, I can't wait to have my own hands-on time on this one.

JOSE says:

Can you please run battery tests on it.

Kostas Petropoulos says:

what about external speaker and sound on calls? how is this new color gray/purple, do you like ?

modpr0be says:

FINALLY! Yeah! FINALLY! at 3:04

ice it says:

Xiaomi's $200 dollar phone has a bigger battery than s8 plus.

Super1di0t says:

Curved display and onscreen buttons. Samsung, you fucked up.

gourav mopidevi says:

less battery, camera bump, less ram, bixby button, no 1000fps, awkward placement of fingerprint scanner. Nope not going to buy it i will wait for note 8, S9 or note 9 or S10 untill i get what i want not going to compromise.

Life Hacker says:

Finaly got some changes from samsung..

Nima Chalebyani says:

Let's be honest. The spec sheet is worse then the Xiaomi Mix. Battery is really not good enough. Ram and processor are far better on the Mix, and if we wanna talk bezel less, sure the Samsung S8 has edge screen too but the Mix brings it all the way. Still great looking phone. But no Samsung was not first! Wish they would ditch the phone speaker too for a glass vibration. Even less bezel please!

I'm not trying to say the Mix is better. But seeing the design Samsung is using in the S8. I think It's only fair to notice that the Bezeless Mix has far more Power and battery then Samsung has ever put in a phone while design looks even better too. Only downside being the camera and the fact you have to order one internationally. While the S8 is sold everywhere. Can we please agree that this spec sheet isn't anything close to saying wow. I even keep hearing the S8 seems to have lag and framedrops all the time. I don't think they are quite there yet, definitelly considering the price of the phone!

invertMASA says:

Still sticking with my pixel. Hate all their software. And every S phone I have ever had started to experience lag after a few months. None on my pixel since launch. Can't wait to see what the new pixel will bring.

jake Stevens says:

We are in the midst of a price war at the moment, to see who can charge the most for a phone and get away with it.

Frank z says:

new Samsung bomb?

Lolboi Cam says:

The iPhone looks stupid compared to this.

ime500 says:

I followed your instructions, threw the S7 Edge and the Note 7 into a blender, but they just broke. Did I do anything wrong?

sydjaguar says:

That finger print sensor placement is a deal breaker. Major design flaw in my view.

jay suka says:

do people use a finger print scanner? i use smart lock on my S7 and happy barley using it

Taufik k Ibent says:

Kaya 💩 fingerprint di belakang😂

Caleb Morningstar says:

I think I'll wait for S10 or the new series after S9

Diogo S. Grecco says:

Question. Is the image on Instagram for instance going to look smaller in comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus? Due to the S8 being narrow.

Helmi Ariffin says:

Question: What do you call a group of security guards in front of a Samsung store?

Answer: Guardians of the Galaxy

Pito VH says:

Man they Fuck Up with the Battery the fingerprint and the same Camera! I'm not going to buy the S7 twice. because basically that's what it is a s7 with a bigger screen! why I should get rid of my S7 for a S7++ naa i wait for the s9

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