Samsung Galaxy S8 Long-Term Review: Still on top?

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Samsung Galaxy S8 long-term review: We’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S8 over the past few months in order to gauge whether it does truly herald the start of a new era for the smartphone or it’s simply just a better S7 with a tall screen?

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  • Teshigi Smith

    Watching this on my S8 right now lol.

  • D.V.S.Sandeep Reddy

    What is the best display in smartphones ?

  • Gurnam Singh

    watching it on s8 😋😊

  • Kevin Davis

    Beautiful hardware with too many compromises, dedicated Bixby button, curved screen with false touches, crackhead stupid FPS location, lag and stutter thanks to Samsung touchwiz, regardless of what you want to name it, and extremely slow updates to get you to say to hell with it and just buy the next model.

    Nope, jumped off the Sammy train after the S7Edge.

  • Ryan Barclay

    Hey recombu
    Thanks for the follow up review
    Glad to hear That the display and processor Have held up well
    Have a great day


    Changing from iphone 7plus 128GB to Samsung S8 Plus 64GB. Worth it.

  • Sepehr A

    I have a S8 and I love it. It is perfect and it comes at a great price.

  • M Morales

    My last Samsung was the S3 and left them for good cause all the lag, bugs and slow updates. Got an S8 plus 5 months ago to give them another chance and boy the difference is monumental! No big lag and it's been quite smooth till this day. They have definitely improved a lot.

  • jonah travisano

    Thanks for doing… Would have gotten it, but I just don't like that curved screen…

  • e.arwaikey

    I just got Note 8
    This thing has 6GB RAM and uses about half of it
    But I haven't seen stuffer or lag so far but I'm not pushing it to the limits tho

  • 03Chris25

    You need to clean your charging port.

  • Pravin kumar

    What mobile phone are you currently using mr.recombu? By the way I'm a big fan of you bro..✌

  • Valito Cardoso

    I love bixby 😛

  • Usman Tariq

    Good planing to buy seaeching for a long term review thank you

  • Chevoy Peart

    Hey bro😀 been here since 20k