Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

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The Galaxy S8 Plus is the Android phone you want if you like big and tall smartphones. It has a massive 6.2-inch display that doesn’t make the actual dimensions of the device much bigger.

Essentially the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the same phone as the Samsung Galaxy S8. When it comes to camera, UI and Bixby (dammit), you can find out about those features in our Samsung Galaxy S8 review.

However, when it comes to the small differences between the plus and the S8, here’s what you need to know.

  • jack p

    "Next a review on the rotary phone"

  • Bad Man

    GS8+ simply the best!

  • John Cotton

    at last someone like me who has no problem with the fingerprint scanner can't see what the fuss is if you can't use it there is something wrong with you!

  • John Doe

    biggest gripe with s7e(usa) was Locked bootloader and couldn't root. can S8 or S8P be rooted ???

  • Brenden Clark


  • Samuel Sylvester

    love your channel, Swearing with God's name not appreciated!

  • Jimmy Opio

    Please do a giveaway and start with me 😁

  • Taylor Muse

    Returned my Galaxy S8+ after 2 weeks. This is the most overrated phone of all time. I'm glad I got my iPhone 7 Plus back. Personally I think it's so much better.

  • Brian Munoz

    Any news on the Note 8?

  • David Seager

    You live in Tower Hamlets….I am sorry 🙁

  • Radu Ghenovici

    What amaze me, is the shift in the evaluation of the look of this phone. Back, in the days when preview pictures & renderings emerges from everywhere, it seemed that everybody considered S8 & S8+ an ugly, ugly phone. Now, when everyone has the opportunity to hold the phone in their own hand, now, they reached at an agreement: this is the most beautiful phone until know… Anyway, I am eager to see what note 8 has to offer!

  • Josh Ruth

    I went from the S6 Edge to the S8 Plus and the battery difference is just amazing. With the S6 I'd have to recharge my phone like twice a day. With the S8 Plus only time I charge it is when I'm asleep and I end the day with like 50%

  • Stratos Designs

    Too early dude

  • Dismas William Wangsa

    you look like Jamie Vardy 😀

  • Quaalid


  • Jaggy poo

    A little late….
    Good video through!