Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus!

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The Ultimate iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8+ Camera comparison:
A detailed comparison/review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus including Samsung’s Infinity Display, Speed Test, Camera quality, speakers, & more!
iPhone 7 Plus & Galaxy S8 Giveaway!

Gold Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus skin from ColorWare:

Samsung S8 Bixby Sucks?

S/O to the Hodgetwins!

The $2,000 Desk Setup!

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Gadget Freak says:

but s8 is a perfect competition to iPhone 7 plus

Gadget Freak says:

I think iPhone is better phone… coz Samsung was blowing everyone last year

MeltedChez Himid says:

It's 7 megapixels on the front for iphone, not 5.

jay Tarantula says:

wouldn't the galaxy cores be slower? there are 8 of them and only 2 in the iphone. each core wouldn't have to be pushed as much to produce the same overall results. more cores= more work spread. I don't think the 4 gig for 8 cores is gonna allow each core
(.5gig ram) to be pushed as hard as the iPhone cores of which there are 2 (1.5gig ram) can be pushed 3 times as hard as each galaxy cores. the galaxy would theoretically need 12 gigs of ram to push the galaxy to the same stress of each iPhone core

hectro805 says:

homie can't find fingerprint reader or Bixby button. But I bet you can find every key on a keyboard fine after you learn it….hmmmm?

Theodore-Ben Solomon says:

Wireless charging is important IMHO. It should be pushed to all devices. Wireless chargers mean all devices can connect, less e-waste, more floor space, and peace of mind. I don't get why people hate wireless charging. I'm so glad that some smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and etc. future proof their phone where Apple fans call it a gimmick. Apple fans will find wireless charging and OLED useful when it hits the iPhone.

Aman Amar says:

I just got ma self iphone 7 plus Jet Black .. 256 GB but is it worth buying S8 plus ? OH God feeling confused.

Not YourDope says:

Win a op3t here cuz you can't afford one!!-

Arnaud says:

why don't you review the huawei p10

krish nair says:

can you do a review on the meizu m3s plz

Joshua Christensen says:

I never use wireless charging on my Galaxy. Fast charging with the cable is quicker.

I wonder how often we will get updates on the S8 – when Samsung presented it. It only had Android 7.0 and not the newer 7.1

TedwardCairns says:

Am I the only one left using Windows phone?

Ankit Yadav says:

please tell which one should i buy

Jack Skellington says:

well that's easy. the S8 wins. unless you are a bias fanboy

Emilio Williams says:

i feel offended that they dare to compare a samsung with an iphone, its like comparing a gorilla with a plant

Shibashis Roy says:

i phone 7 plus video and audio quality was better after water test

K Ariana says:

<3 <3

Josi Witehira says:

Pls do a giveaway, I have had such a painful situation with my latest phone involving spending $300 for shipping to china to get it fixed and it didn't even get delivered??? Long story short, I'm stuck with my old iPhone 5S and couldn't need a new phone more 😭😭😭

hashic Bawa says:

Hey can u do a video on the best alpto under 600$

Søren Laustsen says:

Sound on iPhone 7 Plus is better After it was in water then Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus

Delfino Cervantes says:

great comparison of these two devices.

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