Samsung Galaxy S8 Real Audio Review: Better, but not the headphone champ

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Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Samsung has been making noise about acquiring Harmon, the company which owns AKG and Harmon Kardon. Has any of this audio prowess made it into Samsung’s newest phone? Let’s take a listen to the Galaxy S8!


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Soul Younes says:

I have watched 3 reviews of the S8 by reputable channels and none really focused on audio capability. And then comes Juan, changing the game.

Marcos Fms says:

The main attraction of the phone is the display but you never show the full screen working. There is no point to buy the phone, for that crazy price, if you can't explore 100% the screen ratio. For me the Xperia XZ Premium will be a better choice even if I have to wait one more month. 4K hdr 16:9 aspect ratio and HiRes Audio should be a must for media consumption.

DarkPa1adin says:

What's Jaime's opinion on the sound?

Far Rookie says:

It looks like you're holding a tower with your hand, hehe.

Whale Super says:

I have been waiting for this. Thank you for making this happens! 😸

Whale Super says:

Impressive review!

Joe Rolon says:

Thanks for your video. Please me know when your AKG earbuds performance is ready, adding the link. Blessings

Jeff Rebuzora says:

WOW! I can safely say LG V20 impressed you much that they raised the bar so high in terms of audio quality (well, me too).
-having being said with S8 audio quality is a mixed bag atleast for me, since it excel not on the built in DAC but depends on what cans your using on it. Pairing with fancy or higher impedance headphone can utilize all of its 32bit audio quality. If you will ask me, that's a bit unfair having to buy a quality headphone to lift the audio quality. Your opinion on these Juan? Am I right?…….. or left 😀

AuraBaura Productions says:

Hahaha.. My one m8 produces better audio than the lgV20, and its two years old. ( Gsmarena)

Dominic B, says:

Nice. Marilyn Manson

Melvin says:

what sennheiser model of cans are you using? 😊

Leonardo Tio says:

harmon kardon? come on its supposed to be harman

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