Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

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This is our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in which we differentiate and test its difference with the regular S8.

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C J says:

love that camaro 0:18

Ben Rivera says:

thank God they got rid of flipboard and replaced it with that Bixby screen

Shadow Star says:

1:37 Your poster spelt consequence incorrectly. That kinda kills the inspirational vibe

Eren Jaeger says:

You're just reading a spec sheet. this isn't even a review. and you sound annoying.

Chris polewarczyk says:

im made the wireless charger dock sucks n takes longer to charge then the fast charge wire.

Mihedin Rexha says:

This is NOT a review. Youre just rambling the specs of the phone. Fucking BS, 99% of all reviews are like this. You have the phone, use it and tell us how it was, what was bad, what was good. Is it really so fucking hard.

Prison Mike says:

gawd .. the Philippino accent is the fucking woooooorst galàsheeew, clawkspeed

Ben Rivera says:


lavi sekhon says:

6:026:06 – Turn on the caption! 😀

pumps0333 says:

3:03 thru 3:06 fucking fingers freak me out

Joshua Paro-an says:

Sir the s8 plus ppi is 529

TristanPR77 says:

I though the Galaxy S8 Plus had 536ppi. Is the information in this review is incorrect?

foofoo13e says:

Galachsee S8 plas

All in the Fam says:

thought this was a review!??…..just talking about it's features 👎👊🤳terrible

JN Mackall says:

What was that block game?

topdog9007 says:

Yoooooooo. Look at them mini sausage hands!!

Turb0wned says:

This isn't a review… Downvote for lying in the title. All you are doing is telling people specs they already know.

MackyG says:

this guy sounds Filipino. eh 🙂

W-_-T says:

This is more of an ad and spec sheet read off then review..

Nawaz Waseem says:

Wow how do you hold the damn phone when watching videos without trying to touch the screen? 🙁

Andrew Riley says:

Dam good review, keep it up

wascar G says:

Dude what kinda of name is that ? Almost like James Bond , Kevin Francisco cool
Awesome review but they are people saying that the photos are even better than last year s7 edge but am like you don't think these cameras can improve much to a point where you can say definitely better photos but front camera should be a little better .


S7 Edge is more like S8 actually… & S8+ is more phablet but no where big as the average phablets.

mrbigdaddymaz says:

I think your one of the only reviewers to actually say the camera sensor IS new. All the others just said it's the same as s7.

Adrian Thomas says:

Nice review Bro.. Thanks

Dror Fuchs says:

not a single word on the fucked up location of the fingerpring scanner

King Gwilo says:

ups sucks balls, they're lagging on bringing my s8 plus!

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