Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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Last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were excellent phones, but then washing machines starting blowing up and Note 7s started catching fire. So, how does a company like Samsung bounce back from a lousy year like that? By building devices as good as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Spoiler alert: Despite Bixby being incomplete, these are two of the best smartphones money can buy.

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  • Cheryl Singleton

    I wil talk my partner into buying this phone, so I can use it. I'm waiting to buy my note 8 without curved edges.

  • Creme de la Keita

    Didn't know about the GIF maker or the extensive wine identifying functionality, and that it can withstand being dunked in wine! All things that matter to me. Can't wait for mine to come in the mail.

  • Peophones

    the best s8/+ review so far. but that battery note seems off

  • Daniel Huynh

    1:27 Water resistance*, it isn't water proof…

  • bamble

    Fuck Off Bixby!

  • Ebraheem Albuheri

    how much Samsung pay for all this reviews about battery life 2 days REALLY!!!!

  • LolsWithLance

    sorry did i just see him playing zelda on the S8… How and how and… How?

  • Joe’s Whatever

    Lg g6 is the best phone money can buy u

  • David Méndez

    Chris you did an amazing job with this review!
    I got tired of the same boring reviews on other tech channels, I mean, they are nice, but they are stuck with they're "nice, crisp, clean" style. They even use the same words, scenarios, damn you even know that at some point they are going to mention dbrand…thanks for shaking things up a little bit.

  • kokoboarder

    This review is shit.

  • Jamil Mukhtar

    How do reviewers test battery life? They always say you can get about a day of battery but once you get the phone, you barely get 10 hours after using twitter, instagram, some browsing and chatting.

  • jaime rodriguez

    I test the phone whit the same vid at Tmobile #24Magic